Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    $8+ / Gallon Oil Within 18 Months

    I'm expecting the pump price for oil to be at least $8 or even more per gallon within the next 18 months - providing more Democrats get into Congress. Who gets elected President won't matter much since all three are liberals and the Office of the President does not control any budgetary or legislative issues.

    Since Democrats have had control of the majority of Congress the pump price has risen over 33%. It would be more but enough Republicans have stopped their insanity - at least for now.

    I find it almost funny how ignorant people think oil companies are the enemy. Let's see - they are the ones that buy the oil and they are the ones that refine the crude and they are the ones that distribute the gas you crave for your SUVs, your gas lawn mowers, your gas powered blowers, your boats, and all those other gas-thirsty devices.

    The same ignorant people are all revved up ready to vote for Democrats that claim "I will take on the big oil companies". The same ignorant people think the profits of oil companies are sitting in some bloated corporate bank account somewhere - too funny. If only these ignorant fools would take a few business courses - learn about corporate structure and who really owns the oil companies. The stock holders, which include investment firms that probably are building your retirement account - just to name one.

    I'm hoping gas soars once the ignorant elect more Democrats into Congress, and I have all the confidence in the world Democrats will make it happen. It seems like the only way for ignorant people to learn the reality of the Progressive's policies is in their own pocketbook. Progressives will try and divert attention to the damage they are doing to the economy with worthless lies - my fav being how Dick Cheney is controlling the oil companies, etc. Too funny.

    Congress makes laws. Congress passes the budget. Congress can investigate. Congress adds burdens upon business. Congress drives companies overseas. Congress is screwing America's economy over royally - and the ignorant idiots want this to continue. Ah, but that is why they are ignorant.

    Enjoy your $8+ gallon gas!

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