Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Today's Progressive Father

    Unlike the strong conservative father that is becoming a thing of the past, the Progressive "father":
    • Supports homosexual deviant behavior - even supports teaching it in public schools as "normal" - as a matter of fact he/she/it might even be a queer
    • Believes his interests should be considered a "right" even if the rights of the majority have to be stripped away
    • Has little or no sense of responsibility for his own actions
    • Has children he can't afford to support
    • Believes any company that makes a profit needs to be nationalized
    • Lives in fear that corporations and oil companies are out to get him
    • Whips out his credit card to buy what he can't afford - then turns around and says it's the bank's fault
    • Always looks for others to blame
    • Believes illegal aliens have a right to other people's resources
    • Believes labor unions help society
    • Thinks anyone with more assets than himself must be punished
    • Believes government is the solution and not the problem so it needs to be bigger
    • Is so addicted to gas he becomes almost anarchic if the price of gas goes up and his cars, boats, lawn mower, and gas blower costs more to fill
    • Hates anything Christian
    • Does not believe in testing students or academic achievement
    • Believes public schools just need more money, and more money, and more money, ...
    • Likes to label non-Progressives as racists, hate mongers, or various other titles in order to manipulate by guilt
    • Will never create anything other than a mess they expect others to bail them out of
    • Is a sissy spineless pussy

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