Monday, June 16, 2008

    There Is Good In $1000/Barrel Crude

    The art of invention has died and extreme oil prices could be the spark that brings needed change.

    When you think about it society has stagnated into a global blob of socialism - and as I have preached on my site - socialism quenches innovation.

    Take computers for example - they still compute the same old fashion binary way. Sure, the electronics have become more efficient and smaller with the side-effect of speed increases, but the technology is the same.

    Or even how we travel using machines - the archaic concept of movement by ignition propels everything from airplanes and passenger vehicles to those god-awful lazy person's yard blowers. Even the way we launch rockets or shoot a missile still relies on ancient discoveries. Add into those archaic concept bio-fuels - still the same burn-and-roll Flintstone combustion machines.

    I've posted before about JFK's challenge to do the impossible - go to the moon within a given timeframe. A world leader - seeing beyond the routine and mundane - setting high goals never achieved before, and American's accomplishing and meeting that goal.

    The technology advancements and discoveries were huge - orders of magnitudes about the initial costs involved with achieving that goal.

    I believe it's time for America to set some impossible goals - to create propulsion beyond the archaic. Let other countries drink their gas and oil and let's move to once again drink the champagne of achievement.

    If you believe such a goal to be impossible then you are certainly not qualified to be part of the team of discovery. America thrives (use to) on invention, of doing the impossible, and of advancing the human race.

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