Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Forbes Best Places To Raise A Family

    Forbes sent out their best counties to raise a family today.
    What parents need to look for are communities that have the resources to promote physical, social and cognitive development
    The rankings are skewed toward counties with good school districts - with "good" meaning the students in the county have to had to rank at least a total average of 1,050 on the math and verbal combined SAT scores.

    Other rating factors:
    Raising a happy family requires more than just a good school system. With that in mind, we ranked the remaining counties using 10 data points: cost of living, graduation rate, standardized scores, home price, property tax rate as a percentage of median home price, percentage of homes occupied by owner, per-capita income, air quality, crime rate and commute time.
    Not one county in Oregon - a state controlled by Progressives - made the list. In other words, while Oregon is a nice place to visit is isn't a good place to raise a family. What's in store for companies that might want to relocate their company and employee families to Oregon?
    • Forced acceptance of homosexuals, transsexuals, and other sexual deviants in your company and even the pubic government schools
    • Forced high minimum wages - higher than the national average
    • High taxes to pay for huge social handout programs - so huge they cut back on law enforcement before cutting back on handout programs
    • A sanctuary state for illegal aliens and the crime and filth they bring
    • A public government union-controlled school machine that keeps and protects bad teachers
    So if you're planning to relocate to Oregon just be aware why we didn't make the Forbes list. But hey - Oregonians can say they're a Progressive State!

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