Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    Michael Moore's SiCKO (Sorta) Accurate

    Michael Moore's ideology as a Progressive won't allow him to really pin down poor medical care in the USA, so I will give a couple of examples.

    We've all heard the horrible story and seen the surveillance video of Ms. Esmin Green - a 49 year old woman that dies right before your eyes at the Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Falling to the floor, helplessly trying to get up, employees watching and walking away. Union security guards look at her on the floor, but hey - it's not in their union job description to care for patients. Another member of the hospital staff sees Ms. Green's body on the floor - but alas, it's not within the union job description - just a sideshow for the night.

    Another fat union guard rolls his chair to the waiting area and doesn't even lift his fat union ass off the chair. He knows the woman has been on the floor for some time now - but hey, his union job description is to be a guard.

    Then this past May in Los Angeles another woman lay bleeding on the floor of the emergency room of Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital, then died. This hospital has been cited over a dozen times in 3.5 years for inadequate care that has led to patient deaths and injuries.

    Then earlier this year MSNBC reported about 19 deaths at a VA facility at just 1 southern Illinois hospital which was traced to substandard care. We've heard the recent horrors of VA hospitals - sick how our vets are treated huh?

    Last year the Atlantic Journal Constitution reported of (preventable) deaths at the state mental hospital in Atlanta, Georgia:
    An unabated failure to correct dangerous conditions at the state mental hospital in Atlanta has caused preventable deaths, injuries and illnesses for patients, federal investigators have found.
    I could go on and on but getting to the common factor in patient abuse and gross lack of care consider the commonality of all of these incidences. I'm not talking about the universal risk of infection that any hospital visit can bring, but preventable deaths and injuries as a direct result of bad care - or no care at all.

    All of these - and the huge majority of the ones I've found and didn't list - were all at government facilities. Government operated facilities will never compare to the private sector - never. With few exceptions private sector care is superior because the motivations are totally different.

    When government attempts to do anything business-like their motivations are just to provide a service. Their unionized employee's just show up to do their job, no more, often less - no motivation to achieve anything other than log their hours for a check. The government entity exists as a static machine - no risk, no motivation. Their employees are less qualified since their standards are low. They have high waste of resources (taxpayer's money) and low efficiency.

    Private enterprise, even non-profit ones, have competitive motivations. They know their bottom line depends of efficiency and quality of care. If they falter they risk losing business to their competition. They often have the latest resources, the best qualified employees, and the lowest waste.

    But alas, Progressives don't grasp these concepts and continue to push for growing government, government control of everything, and eventual domination by government.

    Really now - if you or a loved one needed care would you prefer a government facility or private?

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