Monday, July 07, 2008

    They Will Never Stop

    Last week Fox News broke the story of some southwest Houston residents that found someone had left Korans on their doorsteps. Imagine having a Muslim coming right up to your home, up to the door of your private residence, and leave their book of hate.

    Residents should turn this into something positive and post it on YouTube. For example:
    • Take a movie of using the Koran as a skeet target
    • Take a movie of it being used as a scooper to clean up dog crap
    • Do a ballistics test on how many 30-06 rounds it can take before being sliced in half – sort of a decapitation like Muslims do to innocent unarmed civilians
    • Use it as tension therapy by stomping on it or ripping pages from it
    Whatever – record it and put it out on the internet for everyone to enjoy!

    Caution: Take care not to get face or other identifying information into the movie since Muslims will hunt you down and kill you, or at least issue a death warrant against you.

    In the USA - Georgia, young Sandela Kanwal was murdered by her Islamic father because she dared to want her freedom from a pre-arranged Muslim marriage. Her Muslim father made the choice most all Muslims make – defend their “religion” at all costs over the "threat" of freedom from Islam.

    Ok, let’s test your ability of deduction. Given:
    • Goal of Islam is global domination
    • Muslims see Sharia Law as only law
    • 15 of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 were Saudi Arabians (Arabs), all were Muslims
    • Over 11,300 deadly Muslim attacks have taken place around the world since 9/11
    • The next attack on America will be by Muslims
    Would you as a department involved in the safety of American citizens:
    1. Profile Christian grandmothers
    2. Profile no one because you don't want to offend, just wait until something happens
    3. Profile those that are part of the sector of society with a proven track record that murder, torture, and threaten individuals, companies, and entire nations in the name of Allah
    Obviously Muslims (and all Progressives) don’t like the idea of having their plans and plots discovered before they are carried out. Gee – wonder why.

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