Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    The Challenge

    Yesterday I got a dose of goose bumps from a chance rT roamer of Arabic origins. Have I been duped all the past years on the focus of America with Islamic Extremists? What impact to the big global picture does brain-washed suicide bombers have? What's really going on around the world that no news agency is reporting?

    I've discovered some things that I don't think were meant to be discovered, and it's huge. Time to activate some resources… redirect analysis… acquire… tag… categorize… trend analysis... I'll have to customize some truly sophisticated analytics for this one…

    !retal ,eb ll'I gnol woh wonk t'noD
    y0CU QV7w q3Ax ctul 2wxU p5xP 0gHE nT34 Hs+F b2ck wzkk kp5M wlst aRjv FeQK Jn/r 9tZr 8foR jeRm QQ+d mTGI 5/FD fXZt ROc6 jSBf hMMt 9ELD 6AYW 92O2 yvtp Er2l zZDR 07ZU dnhv JQ+h /1P5 zRrp g+YJ 8YF2 EJwn qZF0 LKPE Cb56 YuOH 9hSh p0UP dr3R F0mn brpT xl3a iBLL F8J5 uOHk B36E 52TX IfYx VY/+ lo7A AeLs TlS3 9L74 YtB4 YizB pyd3 1vs7 mVMw V7Fi oZcA WcGx w1HH /dWu l2No O/wj oEZf FLDk 6M/b V3ZR EGNd 9FBU ikEj 2ZwB pypr DpsR Vtwq VhuQ 10YY 16+a GIJr lbwe ZLRw sFqB BAuK jDZQ FSTR fPjq yM9s 3TYN EOoy /JwB 10JT ksiP dzwY 8SQH ASGY jrUu LxdW d3fS GYiw fqD2 ElJe bBXy 0DcY 0wQQ rNgb bU10 WFgM HVHw F9bG xO8P uMYq YNkF oczO cjaf jl3R OUnR Pcd6 I1H6 l1pe dJrO O/va dPH0 fqwj 7HYj 6yfQ 2JLr VXZf +yEL oo+k cYe/ fPXh QQZo AVPi ez2O AAEG RFEk kuSk UhNm EgFn 35ak zfoA toVe rKUb j9t+ JTX+ N625 ltLd mP2f HBPg X5dQ +DHO FHjo xxWm BgRG K2Gh TCs7 a9Ky 909/ ay8e KOve LfuH Jx86 m2bg 0ANF MjY+ 12xM LcSB rkvt TV15 BVZD Y+HD dyT6 /Q==

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