Saturday, August 23, 2008

    Obama Spits In The Face Of Millions Of Democrat Voters

    By picking Joe Biden (Rush Limbaugh's recommendation to Obama) Barack Obama spits right in the face of 10's of millions of Democrats that voted for Senator Clinton. Seems like if Obama was really interested in a strong party and bringing unity he would have put Senator Clinton as his VP choice - but truth be told, he hates her.

    Senator Obama will continue to be nice to Senator Clinton until after the election because he needs the votes that went to her. Senator Clinton had big debts to pay so in exchange for pretending to support Obama and the party Obama will help pay down her debts. After the election she'll be dumped faster than a Natty Ho.

    Picking Joe Biden sort of goes against what Barack Obama has been trained in - that it's been the fault of old white men that have caused the black folk and minorities to be oppressed. Obviously he plans to reap lots of white votes (he's a racist and thinks in racial terms) by putting in a token old white guy.

    He could have chose a female VP but I guess he didn't know any that were as far left Progressive as himself, or maybe he thought:
    I'm not lettin' some honky chick be second in command. Dere be only room at da damn top fo' one mino'ity Deity. Slap mah fro!

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