Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Crude Crisis & Progressive Glue

    One of the various fabricated crisis in America is the so-called oil crisis, aka, energy crisis. Almost a year ago I posted on the election JIVE that recent presidents Nixon, Carter, Bush, and Clinton delivered to the masses targeting energy independence. Barack Obama's plan of no-plan falls into this same JIVE (like fabricating 5 million new windmill jobs).

    Q: Does America have an oil crisis?
    A: Yes - a very serious problem.

    Q: Did this crisis just happen as the result of natural causes or was it fabricated (caused) by someone or some group?
    A: It was and still is caused by the Progressive mindset - mostly Democrats - in both the Federal and State governments.

    Q: How could Progressives (aka Liberals, aka Socialists) cause an oil crisis?
    A: Using the power of the government they stripped the free market and free enterprise capabilities of all American oil companies - the entire American oil industry - and micro-managed where they could get their oil from and how much they could extract domestically.

    Q: Wouldn't this harm America's interests?
    A: Of course - but part of their agenda is to bring America to its knees and no longer be the most powerful nation in the world. Their agenda includes forcing America to be dependent on others and not be able to be self-sustaining.

    Q: Can their objective actually take place?
    A: It already has been and still is.

    Q: Which presidential candidate supports this Progressive scheme against America and Americans?
    A: Senator Barack Obama.

    Q: Do they try and trick and deceive Americans?
    A: Yes, by trying to convince Americans the oil industry is really your enemy. Expect these deceivers to use their Democrat Convention to divert attention from their government fist up the oil industry's ass by parading some poor smucks around that are needy (probably by their own poor choices in life) and flashing the income from oil companies. This is their biggest trick and many uneducated people fall for it.

    Q: Can they be stopped?
    A: Simple - vote existing Progressives out of office and don't vote any more in (then watch the gas per-gallon price plummet).

    Progressives and unions stick together like glue. The union bosses give the ok to channel money into a Democrat candidate's campaign in exchange for favors back to the union. Here is a recent real life example of how this works - from Ohio:

    Two Franklin County Commissioners, Mary Jo Kilroy and Marilyn Brown, - both Pro-Obama supporters - both Progressives, and thus both puppets of the union. So the stage is set - Pro-Obama, Pro-Union, Pro-gressives in a position of deciding how to spend tax payers money.

    Follow the summary of events:

    A - The county had planned a new ballpark and construction was required
    B - A bid process was performed and an in-state company, TP Mechanical Contractors, had the lowest bid
    C - The two Pro-Obama Commissioners found out TP Mechanical Contractors was not a union company and came up with some BS to disqualify TP Mechanical Contractors
    D - The two Pro-Obama Commissioners selected an out-of-state UNION contractor, Tomko, even though using the unionized company cost the tax payers $215,000 more - almost a quarter of a million more, in addition to keeping the tax payer's money within their own state
    Tomko, the winner, previously had been fined $23,000 by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration for four serious safety violations related to an accident that killed a worker in 2006. . . .

    withheld a worker's pension while he served in Iraq and was taken to court - forcing Tomko to pay over $48K to the worker . . .

    Tomoko's president got jailed for tax evasion in 2004 - usual union stuff

    E - Tomoko, the union company, are being blamed for a construction foul-up that undermined a section of the new county ballpark and caused damages of at least $150,000

    Better get use to this type of business deals with your Progressive/Liberal/Democrat politicians - it is what defines them - it is the Obama way - that Change for America.
    McCain accumulated some homes through decades of achievement - so what. Obama got his million $$$ home with the help of his gangster friend Tony Rezko.

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