Friday, August 29, 2008

    Real Change - Potential Female President

    Sen. John McCain picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate on GOP ticket for White House, CNN learns.
    In all of the history of the USA the Executive Branch was the only branch of government that remained a Man-only world.

    Obama and Biden? Same old man-only clique.

    Senator McCain has made real history in choosing a well qualified woman as VP - breaking the centuries-old mold. Considering McCain's age and family history of heart problems America might very well have our first female President.

    BTW - go over to wikipedia about Sarah Palin and see the picture of Sarah Palin visiting a wounded soldier in Germany in 2007 - same place that Barack Obama decided in 2008 it would be more in his best interest to be glorified by a bunch of socialist Germans - spit spit in the face of those that fight for our freedom.

    Nancy Pelosi is raving MAD - if elected, Sarah Palin will mean Democrat Nancy Pelosi will loose her pedestal as the most powerful woman in government!

    I've notice at hijacked Democrat gatherings they chant "Obama! Obama! Obama!" while Republican gatherings they chant "USA! USA! USA!".

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