Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Senator Obama's Dirty Laundry

    This would explain why Senator Barack Obama is afraid of facing Senator McCain in unscripted and unfiltered town hall meetings. You have a president wanna-be that shivers in his shoes at the thought of having to answer some questions - questions that would be raw, unfiltered, and require an immediate response instead of some prepared spin.

    What drives Senator Barack Obama's fears? What puts Senator Barack Obama into the category of a coward?

    Maybe the story today in the Wall Street Journal titled Obama Should Come Clean On Ayers, Rezko, and the Iraqi Billionaire sheds some light on this shady and deceitful guy. It's a bit lengthy but if you care about facts then you will read it. If you don't care about facts then you'll just block it out and carry on with your new-found focus for your hate - Sarah Palin.

    Seems like Senator Barack Obama has much more experience - with the mob, with corruption, with shady deals, with union bosses, with the underworld, with strong-arm tactics to silence those that ask too many questions.

    I've noticed a number of Liberal websites that would allow me to post comments have now completely blocked me out. I guess they need to focus on their new hate attacks on Governor Palin and are fearful of facts that would expose their lies.

    Lots of fear and trepidation in those "new hope" Liberals!

    Liberals are attacking from both sides. On one side they claim Governor Palin has no experience. On the other side they claim she has too much experience and is dangerous. Gotta love the Liberals - they make the intelligent normal population look so much better!

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