Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Understanding Barack Obama's JIVE - Deux

    Don't be fooled - there are millions in America that already know how to translate Barack Obama's JIVE. These are the people that include, to a large extent, both extremes of the economic scale:

    Lower income: No real marketable skills this segment simply wants other people's money and resources. They choose the path of least resistance and choose to do nothing to improve their situation and take responsibility for their own person and families.

    Highest income: These people have already made it and are financially secure so their objectives are to advance an ideology they believe in - socialism. In any socialist society there are the elite that control (of which this sector identifies with) then there are the worker bees - that's all the rest of you.

    The rest - the majority of Americans - have their heads in the clouds or up their ass and don't even know what is going on, let alone, what is really being pushed by Barack Obama. That's why I'm here to help you in part two of JIVE-to-English class.

    When President-wanna-be Barack Obama uses the phrase "patriot employers" this is JIVE for employers that have succumb to union control. As a matter of record Barack Obama has told the NAACP he will push for government contracts to be awarded ONLY to unionize companies. Yes class - Obama's " patriot employers " is a euphemism for socialism.

    When President-wanna-be Barack Obama uses the phrase "universal healthcare" this is JIVE for government controlling every aspect of your health - even choosing whether you should have an operation or not - depending on your age for example. He plans for government to micro-manage your employer beyond health care, so be prepared for more companies to exit America. Yes class - Obama's " universal healthcare" is a euphemism for socialism.

    Understanding what drives Barack Obama's JIVE will come tomorrow.

    Yes class - Obama's "promises" are all euphemisms for socialism. It be all JIVE. You and your children will pay for it - ALL.

    Congratulations to Texas and the US Supreme Court for ignoring International Court demands and executing an illegal alien last night for raping and murdering two girls - both under 18. The only sad part was that justice took too long. Gives a glimmer of hope that America will stand on American law, not International Law and international demands.

    Had Obama been President he would have probably given this scumbag an executive pardon.

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