Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    What If Barack Obama Loses?

    It's a situation that the DOO (Disciples Of Obama) don't want to even think about, but it's a real world. I'm sure the DNC already has their spinners set with reasons why Senator Obama lost the election. I've divided this into two parts - the policy reasons you will NOT hear from the hijacked Democrat Party and the reasons you will be given.

    You won't hear that he lost because of his policy plans to:
    • Force businesses to become unionized
    • Force government contracts to be awarded only to unionized companies
    • Take away worker's right to a private vote
    • Force nationalization of homosexuality
    • Force degradation of USA military
    • Diminish the intelligence community
    • Bring back racist affirmative action and quotas
    • Forced higher taxes on everyone
    • Removal of mortgage interest deduction
    • Forced growth of failed government-union public school machine
    • More mandates upon businesses
    • Forced growth of the government machine
    • Forced billions of American's tax money given to foreign countries
    No, it won't be Mr. Obama's radical socialist policies that will be blamed - it will be YOU - YOU will be the evil, not their candidate. The top two reasons from the Progressive Democrats - hold on to your guilt:
    • White America is not ready for a black president
    • Racism still exists in America
    That's right - the Liberal Democrats - including Barack Obama himself - will be the only people that will play the race card. Count on it!

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