Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Where PUMA's Roam

    A new term - an acronym - has come out of the DNC union party this week. This one we can thank Senator Barack Obama for - PUMA.

    Depending on who you ask PUMA is built from two different phrases - yet both convey the same message of disillusionment and distrust:

    People United Mean Action
    Party Unity My Ass

    Someone needs to tell these 18+ MILLION people their Democrat party has been hijacked.

    Either way PUMA represent the 18+ MILLION voters that saw Senator Hillary Clinton as a better choice than Senator Obama - set saw their votes cast aside like meaningless crap when Barack Obama - man of "change", selected an antique senator that represents the OLD Washington as his VP and spit in the face of 18+ MILLION Democrat voters.

    18 MILLION Democrat voters are feeling what it is like to have their vote disregarded and trashed - much like the recent Oregon voters that had their signatures trashed on a ballot measure to vote for "homosexual rights" - trashed by a Liberal Secretary of State and trashed by a Liberal judge. Welcome to the growing club of those whose Constitutional rights are being trashed daily.

    So now Senator Hillary Clinton must do some convincing Obama-ass kissing to convince the majority of her voters to support the person she knows isn't qualified - else risk paying off her own debts. Better make it look convincing Hillary - or else!

    Really now - did you fall for that choreographed BS with his wife and kids? I use to travel extensively and my young ones always knew where I was. Either Barack Obama has communications problems with his own family or (more obviously) it was all a big act to make the simple-minded believe he's just a regular guy. How did you rate on the gullibility scale?

    Obama's hate, lies, guilt trips, and deceptions are intensifying on poll feedback he's not in the huge lead over McCain as he thought he should be. Take this lie "are you better off than when Bush took office". Well technically that could be valid, however - the truthful question should be "are you better off than when the Progressive Democrats took control of Congress less than 2 years ago".

    Expect more talk of despair, more talk of fanciful promises he has no plan for - other than huge tax increases and removal of home mortgage deductions - heck, I'm expecting him to promise "free" electric cars for everyone with $50,000 per year "stimulus" checks, and 80 million new jobs any day now!

    When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires will come to you... (FOR FREE TOO!)

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