Friday, September 12, 2008

    Liberals Confess - Barack Obama IS THE MESSIAH!

    I wasn't going to post anything about the worthless community organizer crap, but when the Liberal Democrats pulled this hypocritical crap that Jesus was a community organizer, then linked Barack Obama and MLK and Moses into the same category - that almost made me vomit.

    History: First, this all came about because of Gov. Palin saying something like "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities".

    Outcry: Liberals, unable to grasp any policy issues, grabbed on this and labeled Gov. Palin's words as an insult to community organizers and community activists. The liberals went ballistic.

    Fact: Gov. Palin is totally correct:
    • Community organizers/activists (COAs) have no responsibilities and a Mayor does
    • Mayors are elected by vote - (COAs) are not
    • Mayors have legal responsibilities - (COAs) do not
    • Mayors are accountable to the citizens of the city - (COAs) are not
    • Mayors have to manage the budget of a city - (COAs) do not
    • Mayors hold an executive position in the local government structure - (COAs) do not
    • Mayors (most) oversee a city council - (COAs) do not
    So the only thing (COAs) are responsible for are whatever they want to be responsible for.

    • Community Organizers - they are usually volunteers that organize parades, social events, community picnics, holiday events, etc. These people usually do things for the benefit of the majority without regard to any special interest group.
    • Community Activists - they are sometimes paid by radical groups that organize efforts to take from one group and had out to special interest groups. These people serve only the interests of themselves and the special interest group(s). These activists often operate in conjunction with liberal judges to achieve specific goals.
    The hypocrisy: Liberal Democrats are trying to claim that Jesus was a community organizer, Barack Obama is a community organizer, therefore - Barack Obama is just like Jesus. They also threw in MLK and Moses.

    This coming from a fringe of the Democrat party that, for years, have done everything possible to remove anything "Jesus" from public grounds, remove baby Jesus Christmas scenes from public property, banish symbols of the Cross of Jesus from public grounds, and so much more - suddenly feeling the need to Have a closer walk with thee l l l

    Are you as gullible as the Liberal Democrats hope you are?

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