Monday, September 15, 2008

    Liberal Pro-Obama Democrat Preview

    We having fun yet? This is all a foretaste of what Obama will bring as president. Oh yeah - you better believe there will be change! Since the Liberal Democrats have too control of Congress over 18 months ago:
    • They have totally screwed up the American economy
    • Their liberal actions of the past have caused and are causing huge corporations to fail
    • Have given us the largest debt in American history
    • They continue to restrict and micro-manage free enterprise
    • Their liberal interference in financial institutions are risking the retirement savings of millions
    • Unemployment has been increasing
    • Have totally failed in their Constitutional responsibilities
    Hey JustaDog - it's President Bush's economy just like Barack Obama said!
    Uh nope - Senator Barack Obama is once again lying to the American people. Barack Obama thinks you are stupid and that you don't know anything about the US Constitution.

    In case you don't know the President is part of the Executive branch. The Constitution spells out the responsibilities for each of the three branches.

    Article II - the President

    Budgetary responsibilities: NONE

    Article I - the Congress

    Budgetary responsibilities, Section 7:
    • Raise revenue
    Budgetary responsibilities, Section 8:
    • Lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises
    • Borrow money (go into debt)
    • Regulate commerce with foreign nations and among states
    • Coin money and regulate the value thereof
    • Pay for the operation of the government (budget)
    • Make laws to force businesses to follow
    • Create laws (legislation) to micro-manage free enterprise
    • Create legislation to boost some businesses while suppressing others
    • More - check yourself!
    Liberal Congress members have been responsible for the mortgage "crisis". Concerned that many Americans would not get a home of their own they forced lending institutions to accept unqualified buyers, then promised these lenders that if the unqualified buyers defaulted then these loans would be backed (basically co-signed) by the government - you and I pay.

    Well their good intentions backfired - of course.

    But really - don't fall for that old lie Barack Obama is spreading, that line of "Bush's economy" because the office of the President has nothing to do with approving a budget or spending or what laws companies and corporations are to be subject to.

    Don't expect Barack Obama to tell you the responsibilities of Congress - heck, he voted for items that have caused much of these failures, and even came up with his own "Global Poverty" act to empty America of over $500 BILLION and into the hands of the UN and outside nations!

    That is your Liberal Pro-Obama Democrat Congress at work.

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