Thursday, September 25, 2008

    The Missing Smoking Gun

    Well it seems the powerful liberal mindset (yes, select Republicans too) will probably pass the TRILLION dollar corporate bailout, along with some inserts for other mega losers like the US auto industry.

    It wasn't too long ago the only mortgages the government guaranteed were those that were part of the GI Bill, sometimes called a VA Home Loan. The core of the current financial problems are easily traced to government (liberal thinking politicians) extending these guarantees to any unqualified borrower - even without a job and even to illegal aliens. Now this same liberal thinking group (of which Barack Obama is a part) want you and I to pay up.

    Missing in this grand theft from taxpayers is a few revised statements from big government, something like:
    • The US Government will only guarantee home loans from veterans with only one per veteran at any given time
    • No more guaranteed loans to illegal aliens
    • No more guaranteed loans to anyone that filed bankruptcy within the past 7 years
    • No more guaranteed loans to anyone without a means of income
    • No more guaranteed loans to anyone with a record of excessive late payments on consumer loans
    The very issues that caused their own created fiasco are not being terminated, and you better be concerned about that or you will be hit with continued bailouts, as will be your children.

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