Friday, September 26, 2008

    What To Expect In Tonight's Debate

    If you watch the honorable Senator John McCain and ultra-leftist Senator Barack Obama debate tonight, expect the following major differences:

    Ultra-leftist Senator Barack Obama - more power to the government:
    • Government must GO and save the American people
    • Government must GO and bail out select corporation
    • Government must GO and give "loans" to the ultra-unionized American auto industry
    • Government must GO and print money out of thin air and give it away
    • Government must GO and dilute the value of the American dollar
    • Government must GO and get bigger, we need more committees and studies (and I got lots of buddies I promised jobs to)
    The honorable Senator John McCain - more power and freedom to the citizens:
    • Government must STOP controlling and manipulating the financial system of America
    • Government must STOP out of control spending of tax payer's money and live within our means
    • Government must STOP guaranteeing bad debt and bad loans
    • Government must STOP controlling the market and return to a free market system
    • Government must STOP the Federal Reserve's power to bail out companies of their choosing at our expense
    You will hear Barack Obama desperately try and demonize Senator McCain with phrases like "he is just like George Bush", "4 more years of the same", "he voted with George Bush", etc. He will take this route because he doesn't want to address the future issues and will, like all liberals, try and motivate with fear.

    You won't hear him tell how Senator McCain works across party lines and he never has.

    You will hear sad stories from Barack Obama about high food costs and how American's are suffering with fuel costs.

    You won't hear Barck Obama disclose it's because of his liberal party's ban of obtaining domestic oil and forcing grain into fuel programs.

    You will hear sad stories from Barack Obama of foreclosures and people lossing their homes.

    You won't hear Barack Obama talk about his liberal party's push to provide homes for people with bad credit, no jobs, and even illegal aliens - all with a promise of payback from big government - your pocketbook and mine, nor their vote against stronger controls over Mac and Mae back in 2005.

    You will hear Barack Obama forcefully call for "change" - but change is exactly what you will be left with in your pocket after he gets into office. More government controls than ever before, forced unionization for any company that expects to do business with his big government, and rights? Kiss those good-bye.

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