Monday, October 27, 2008

    Obamaism Q/A - Business

    Question: I have a growing business and I'm concerned that if Barack Obama is elected along with a greater liberal majority in Congress I will be faced with greater taxes. Are my concerns real?
    Answer: Yes. No time in history have Democrats been business-friendly when they control both the executive and legislative branches.

    Question: Will total control by Democrats in D.C. increase my overhead, and if so - is there anything I can do?
    Answer: Absolutely to both parts. You will face increased taxes and new fines for not following the new mandates of Obamaism. I would advise you look over your employees and pick the most productive 70% and terminate the remaining 30%. This will happen with a great number of business because their survival depends on it.

    Question: My company is not unionized but I've heard Democrats want to force my employees to become union members - is that true.
    Answer: Not totally. Barack Obama and the Democrat Congress will require you be a unionized company if you plan to do business with the Federal Government. If you don't plan to get any government contracts you will still have to be concerned about a tiny few employees that will, with union tactics, try and force employees into unionizing. This is a top priority with Barack Obama and most Democrats.

    Question: My company went public and is growing rapidly, but I'm concerned with the threat of increasing government interference and taxes. I'm also concerned that if the union workers strike Barack Obama and his Democrat Congress will prohibit me from hiring replacement workers. What are my options?
    Answer: Strongly consider incorporating in another country. As Democrats have continued to destroy the business climate the USA is loosing their rank of best country to do business. Currently, the top 3 are (in order) Denmark, Ireland, and Finland.

    Question: Shouldn't I feel concern if I lay off employees in order to keep the business afloat?
    Answer: Did your devoted employees elect politicians that were concerned with freeing businesses to grow, allowing free enterprise to prosper as well as the employees, or did they elect politicians that want to punish success?

    Question: My business did much better in the first 6 years of the Republican administration than in the last 2 years. Why is that?
    Answer: Because Congress controls all things regarding laws, mandates, money, budget, taxes, etc. The Executive office can submit requests but nothing more. Your misery is because Congress has been under Democrat control for the last 2 years.

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