Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Obamaism Q/A - Achievement

    Question: I am a new (legal) immigrant and came to America to accomplish my dreams - that what I might accomplish has no limits. I can't vote yet but won't both Senator McCain and Senator Obama make sure I have my chance?
    Answer: No. With a President McCain the sky is the limit - in other words, you are free to achieve without constraint. With a President Obama you will have a ceiling - $250,000. After that you will be penalized for achieving more.

    Question: I am a black female and currently attend a private university. I have achieved my 4.0 average on my own without anyone's help. I don't want nor do I need any handouts or special help. I plan to attend a predominate university for my PhD., but not sure if either candidate would matter at this point - suggestions?
    Answer: With a President McCain you are free to accomplish your dreams. With a President Obama your dream slot at the university you are qualified for might be taken by an unqualified Mexican or even an unqualified black. Once you have proven yourself to be self-relient and a person that can accomplish you will have to step to the back of the line - even color won't matter.

    Question: Senator Obama promised my taxes would not go up and he would tax everyone that makes over $250,000. Why should I vote for Senator McCain?
    Answer: A President McCain will lower your taxes. At the best, a President Obama will keep your federal tax bill the same - not lower. You will also find yourself paying more state taxes if you live in a blue state. Also, if Congress gets more Democrats then they will raise your taxes directly or indirectly.

    Question: Which candidate promotes divisions based on class, income, race, etc.?
    Answer: Senator Obama has already started to define what is "rich", what is "middle-class", etc. His party is responsible for government defining what is hate and what is not hate - via "hate crime legislation". Senator Obama has already stated for the record he will re-enstate affirmative action - a racially motivated and racially selective scheme where his big government forces a school or employer to accept unqualified individuals based on their race.

    Question: Which candidate has Americans and America as their priority and not special interest groups like unions and anti-American radicals?
    Answer: Only John McCain.

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