Thursday, October 30, 2008

    Obamaism Q/A - Sharing

    Question: You say an Obama government will force sharing. What's wrong with government doing what is decent?
    Answer: Sharing is good. I share and it sounds like you share too. The problem is any government that takes our money and decides who it should share it with. Wouldn't you rather share with whom you decide instead of government making that choice? Do you really want government to dictate what is decent and what is not?

    Question: I'm working two jobs and going to school. Someday I'm sure I will be worth much more than I am now but in the mean time what's wrong with Barack Obama making people that are rich help me out?
    Answer: First, congratulations on your choice to improve your financial situation on your own. You sound like you are a capable person and really don't need handouts, or am I wrong? Barack Obama has continuously shifted his threshold of what "rich" is. A year ago it was $1 million. Later, that got cut in half to $500K. In the past few months that was lowered to $250K. Two days ago "rich" is now defined as $150,000. At the current rate of decline "rich" will be everyone with an income of over $40K.

    Question: I'm a healthy teen and this is my first election I get to vote in. What's so wrong with sharing wealth to help people have medical care? I know an older woman down the street that is overweight, smokes, drinks, and is now a diabetic and she will need healthcare.
    Answer: Let me get this straight. You are healthy, don't smoke, you exercise and take care of your body. Contrast that will a person that makes the choice to damage thier body with cigarettes, eat too much, and not exercise. Let's put it this way - if you think a person that makes bad life choices should have someone else pay for their healthcare then by all means - you feel free to pay her bills! Consider it your part in sharing your wealth.

    Question: I'm a student and we are rallying to get Obama elected because we think sharing is good for the Earth. I don't see it costing much and we are told oil companies and Wal-Mart are rich. Besides, it's sort of cool to have a black dude as President - MTV is for it.
    Answer: Since you still live at home and your parents pay for your expenses you are too young to realize the impact of socialism upon Americans. Once you get older and have to pay your own way you will look back and wonder how you could have been so stupid and gullible.

    Question: You sound racist because you don't want a black president. Don't you think Barack Obama is intelligent?
    Answer: I go by a candidate's policies, the people they hang with (past and present), and what they have accomplished. Obama looses on all three criteria. For example, former President Clinton has revealed that when the Pelosi-controlled economy started falling apart Barack Obama didn't know anything about the economy and his wife - Hillary - was one of the top 5 consulted to bring him (Obama) up to speed on economics. Now really - does that sound like a person of intelligence?

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