Monday, October 06, 2008

    Will You Be A Looooooooooser?

    Gotta love the markets. I know big government is royally screwing the markets, Liberals are trying to point fingers and blame Bush, while hiding the fact that none of this took place until Democrats brought their big change to America when the took control of Congress almost 2 years ago.

    Actually it started even before that when mainly liberals demanded states pay for schooling and medical for illegal aliens that didn't contribute into the pot. Add in their forced acceptance of bad loans to bad credit risks and --- POP! DUH - like how many of us were warning of this? I'd say, in addition to Gov. Palin, millions.

    So I bought several thousand shares of Freddie Mac (FRE) when it took a dive under 40 cents/share. Earlier this year it had a high of $64. Why? I'm beginning to learn the liberal mindset. Freddie Mac is a liberal concoction to spur bad mortgages by people that couldn't afford them. You know the kind that Barack Obama tried to force down the throat of Citibank as a radical extremist lawyer. Barack Obama basically used extortion and claimed Citibank was racist because they didn't give loans to people that were horrible credit risks. Ref: Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank Fair Housing / Lending / Insurance Docket / Court 94 C 4094 ( N.D. Ill. ) FH-IL-0011

    Anyway, I sold all of FRE last week and made thousands of $$$ - more than quadrupling my original investment. Way cool - and in just a couple of days. How did I know it would go up? Because their were too many (predominately) Liberal politicians that were neck deep in FRE and I reasoned they would pump it up. I was right.

    I'm learning that to stay ahead in the game I need to think more like a liberal, to predict what stupid things they will do, then profit from them.

    I bought lots of other stock today - thanks big government!

    NOTE: I'm not rich but if we were under the reign of Barack Obama I would be forced to pay tribute in the amount of 35% of my capital gains. Barack Obama's policy of hate towards those that are successful by investing will kill millions of small time investors like myself.

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