Wednesday, October 08, 2008

    Obama's Ambitious Job Growth Plan

    Whatever comes from Obama's big mouth is like magic. He can say anything and his subjects yell and scream as if it were the Pope sprinkling holy water on them. So today Obama is in Indiana, a state that use to be rich with steel companies - until the Pro-Obama unions forced these steal companies into bankruptcy because they were no longer able to be competitive.

    So Obama's spewing his false prophetic lies "…your empty steel mills will produce windmills and solar energy panels…" and "… you will produce ultra-efficient cars made here in America, not Japan or Korea…". OMG - do these poor people really believe this Chicago Mob Politician? Yeah - lots of desperate people in that area willing to believe anything without question.

    Barack Obama spews out such bullshit why stop there? Heck, using his same style of BS I came up with a couple of Obama-style job creation schemes that fit into his mindset and should excite the mentally challenged:
    • Jets without fuel - launched with a steam catapult just like aircraft carriers do, once airborne large wind turbines on the fuselage will generate electricity that will power electric jets. The dead steel mills will make these green jets, not Korea or Japan - and generate 8 million good union jobs.

    • Hyper mileage green buses - America can conserve fuel by reducing the number of cars they have and ride the bus. The ObamaBus will be green and use clean coal technology instead of diesel or gas. These buses will be made in America, creating 8 million good union jobs.

    I can remember (sort of) when Democrat George McGovern tried a few times to run for President. He was classified as an ultra liberal back then. Compared to the current Progressives (socialists) that hijacked the Democrat Party he's almost a conservative.

    So I see him talk against the The Employee Free Choice Act (which involves neither freedom nor choice) this morning on TV. "Free Choice" is a pro-union and anti-Constitutional gimmick to expose the vote of a worker to union bosses for the sole purpose of intimidation. In this election unions have spend almost $500,000,000 to make sure this passes as law by investing in candidates that are their puppets.

    You can watch the video yourself. When I first saw it I said WOW - That's George McGovern?.

    Barack Obama, Chicago Political Machine Union puppet, has promised the union bosses he will pass this "Free Choice" act.

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