Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    2008 - A Year Of Stupidity - 14 Days Left

    Seems like 2008 has been the year of the SEIU. From the most recent involvement with the corruption of the Illinois Democrat Political Machine (including Barack Obama) to their desperate attempt to unionize employees at McDonald's - the SEIU has only once agenda - conquest of our Nation by controlling our politicians.

    In controlling the politicians they control the workplace - forcing workers into NO CHOICE employment. It will be if you want a job you must join the union or you don't work.

    The discovery of the SEIU persuasion tactics and the corruption of IL Democrat Gov. Blagojevich shouldn't surprise anyone. This link between Democrats (and liberal RINOs) and unions is well known and documented, especially with the mega-millions that flow from the unions into the Democrat party and Democrat PAC organizations.

    Another recent example of a corrupt Governor is Democrat Janet Napolitano. As of yesterday this union bitch was prepared to sign an executive order forcing 25,500 state employees to choose a union rep. to have a seat at the table with state officials during all personnel issues - a huge victory for union bosses. (This union bitch will be your Secretary of the DHS - selected by the big union bitch boy himself - Barack Obama. They both have 1 thing in common - devotion to their union bosses)

    WOW - with the stroke of a pen from 1 union puppet millions of tax payers will be forced to accommodate the union wish. I'm not surprised - it's happened before and will continue to happen. Just wait until that grand union bitch boy is sworn in - his executive order pen will be flying in favor of all the unions that bankrolled his campaign.

    The SEIU as well as ALL unions are desperate to grow their ranks. Another recent case was the harassment of hospital nurses by the union. The article also details some of the SEIU's other recent actions:
    • IL Gov. Blagojevich helped the SEIU by forcing 49,000 in-home care workers into the union - after the SEIU was Blagojevic's top contributor
    • Corruption charges involving leaders of major SEIU locals in Los Angeles and Michigan; President of SEIU's largest local forced to resign after Los Angeles Times found the local paid hundreds of thousands of $$$ to firms owned by his wife and mother-in-law
    • Resignation of the head of SEIU's California State Council over financial improprieties involving her and a former boyfriend, and the head of SEIU's largest Michigan local after reports that a nonprofit housing corporation he filed had been suspended for doing business for failing to file tax reports
    • Federal investigations of election rigging at SEIU locals in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The Las Vegas investigation resulted in preliminary findings by the Department of Labor that included illegal use of SEIU funds to help elect a slate favorable to SEIU International at the expense of local activists promoting greater union democracy
    • Deals with large corporate chains that undermine worker and public protections in exchange for sweetheart agreements to signup more dues-paying members. Under a pact with California nursing homes, for example, SEIU agreed to lobby against reforms to require better patient care conditions in nursing homes, and to give management the "exclusive right" to set pay, discipline employees, reassign or eliminate jobs, and outsource work
    • Silencing dissent of its own members through lawsuits, sham elections, and physical intimidation

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    Scottiebill said...

    I've said before on other blogs that even though the Constitution provided for three branches of government, Judicial, Executive, and Legislative, in recent years there have been two more branches added, The Media and the Environmentalists. Now, after January 20, still another branch will be added, The Unions.

    The B-HO will be kowtowing to them as well as to the U.N., foreign tin-pot dictators, the Reid-Pelosi cabal of Congressional anarchists, and the illegals regardless of which country they are from.

    And has anyone noticed how many of The Commissar-elect's cabinet choices are from Illinois? To me, it looks like he is setting himself up to run a Daley-style of Government. Old Boss Tweed is probably laughing out loud and wishing he could be around to see this fiasco-in-the-making.