Thursday, December 18, 2008

    2008 - A Year Of Stupidity - 13 Days Left

    Along with Stalin, Hitler, Khrushchev, and other radical socialists Barack Obama would fit into the Time annual joke. What confuses more people than not is if you look through the list of people and groups that have been on this front cover - Barack Obama alone stands out - for doing abso-fucka-lutely nothing!

    Since he has done nothing - no accomplishments - I assume he made this cover because he's a master magician. Really, just look at some of his amazing magic:
    • Obama managed to immerse himself with over 20 years of a black racist hate monger - "Rev." Jeremiah Wright - yet didn't know the teachings of this anti-American racist! Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    • Obama is hailed as America's first black president - yet he's half white! Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    • Obama has promised Change Change Change yet he is simply resurrecting members of the old Clinton administration and a bunch of attorneys into positions of power. Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    • Obama, as president, has promised almost a TRILLION $ to "restore" the financial situation caused by his Liberals in Congress - yet our country has no money! Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    • Obama served on the Wood's Fund board alongside domestic terrorist William Ayers - yet Obama says he doesn't really know Ayers. Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    • Obama was able to hypnotize former General Powell with his 1/2 blackness into endorsing him - with no military experience - to be commander in chief. Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    • Obama was able to become the next president based solely on appearance, poise, and verbage - and without substance or experience! Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    • Obama has been able to unify more Liberals at one time with the goal of the destruction of the free market, nationalizing homosexuality, killing babies, stripping everything Christian, promoting Islam, etc. Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    • Obama, without doing anything and absolutely nothing to his credit, has mass hyptnotized the most ignorant in the world into naming mountains, schools, children, etc. after him. Abso-fucka-lutely MAGIC!
    So yeah - as a master magician - he deserves to be on Time's cover.

    Hey - it's 2008 - a year of STUPIDITY!

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    Scottiebill said...

    A couple of years ago, in a brain-fart, I subscribed to Time. This mag (oops - rag) is one of the top liberal publications in the country, topped only by Newsweek and the NY Times. Ever since Nobama got the nomination and his subsequent election, he has been on the cover of every issue of Time with one or two exceptions. It is not only getting tiring, but annoying as hell. I got a renewal notice the other day and returned it to them in their envelope with nothing but their propaganda in it.

    Now we'll see what happens with that.