Monday, December 29, 2008

    2008 - A Year Of Stupidity - 3 Days Left

    So when the Muslim terrorist entity - Hamas - sends their missiles into Israel, the world community could care less. That socialist gathering of thug nations - the UN - expresses no outrage nor do they demand a cease fire from Hamas.

    Let a non-Muslim country defend itself and then the cries of outrage start flowing. The usual pictures of children spread like diarrhea down an Iranian oil pipe.

    In the global community protecting a nation from terrorism is seen as something bad - wrong - un-compassionate - evil, while the true enemy gains support and strength.

    Want a true peace? Eliminate the threat - totally. No negotiations - why negotiate to have terrorist neighbors that live for your destruction?

    In case you still can't grasp the concept let me put it like this: Kill every Hamas. Only then will there be a real chance for peace. Just think of Hamas as gangrene invading your body. I think you want to remove every bit of it - forever.

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