Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    2008 - A Year Of Stupidity - 2 Days Left

    What will Obama's policy be in the Middle East? Daniel Pipes offers a glimpse in an article posted today. Part of this article generalized some results of the Bush policies:
    • Iran has nearly built nuclear weapons and appears to be planning for a devastating electro-magnetic pulse attack on the United States
    • Pakistan is on its way to becoming a nuclear-armed, Islamist rogue state
    • The price of oil reached an all-time high, only to collapse due to a U.S.-led recession
    • Turkey went from being a stalwart ally to the most anti-American country in the world
    • Iraq remains an albatross (or a pair of shoes?) around the American neck, incurring expenses, fatalities, and with an immense potential for danger
    • Rejection of Israel's existence as a Jewish state has become more widespread and virulent
    • Russia has re-emerged as a hostile force in the region
    • Democracy efforts have collapsed (Egypt), increased Islamist influence (Lebanon), or paved the way for Islamists to attain power (Gaza)
    • The doctrine of preemption has been discredited
    Time is getting short. Sovereignty is at risk.

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