Monday, December 08, 2008

    Odd - Or is it?

    Just perusing

    PRO-OBAMA Democrat Senator Dick Durbin:
    • Top 3rd contributor: Citigroup (same that Liberals gave your billions to)
    • Top industry contributor: Lawyers, Law Firms (over $2 million)
    • 2nd industry contributor: Securities & Investment firms
    PRO-OBAMA Democrat Senator Harry Reid
    • Top 4 contributors: Casinos
    • Top industry contributor: Lawyers, Law Firms (over $1.3 million)
    • 2nd industry contributor: Casinos/Gaming
    • In the top 40+ corporations that Congress people invested in, not 1 of the "Big 3" auto companies were present. If Congress doesn't invest their person $$$ in any of the American Auto companies why should they force Americans to with OUR tax money?

    • Seems like many Congressmen like John Kerry place personal investments in "Emerging Markets Funds" - in other words, they are staking their personal assets in growth outside of the USA - so it is in their best interest for US businesses to NOT do as well

    • Speaking of Senator Kerry, he bought lots of shares (over 1/2 million $) in Whole Foods Market - a non-union natural foods store (at least he has 1/2 a brain)

    • The Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate sector gave over $1 BILLION to Congress, majority to Democrats. Guess which business sector is getting OVER 100 TIMES their investment back to them under the disguise of bailouts!

    • The TOP 10 Richest Congress people? 7 are Democrats, 3 are Republicans. The richest is Jane Harman, PRO-OBAMA Democrat with a net worth of about half a BILLION. Those all bent out of shape that John McCain had > 1 house can stop worrying, since his name isn't found until way down on #25

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    Scottiebill said...

    When Senator, aka Chairman-elect, Obama takes over in January, he will become the worst president since Jimmah Cahtar and Woodrow Wilson.

    The B-Ho will likely do what Wilson did when the unions went on strike in the late teens and early 20s. He sent thugs out to beat the strikers into submission. Only this time they will be beating anyone opposed to the strikes. The would-be Chairman is nothing more than a political hack raised up in the ways of the old Chicago Daley machine and will continue to operate as a Daley operative while he is Chairman. It is really too damn bad that Mike Royko died when he did. The Chairman-to-be would have kept him in subject matter for a great long time.

    All hail Comrade Obama!! Savior of the unions and avowed opressor of the common people.