Friday, December 05, 2008

    Working Wage

    There's more to a working wage than simply gross pay. If you are a union worker you are forced to pay money to the union machine. If you live in a Liberal state most likely you're paying higher taxes - including taxes on the necessities your family needs.

    I keep getting emails from unions about how their interest is for the American worker, the American family - so I decided to do a little experiment.

    Food is an obvious necessity and represents a significant expenditure for the American worker. So what if I compared a random sample of grocery items of a union store with a non-union store - which store would be more family-friendly? Which store would help the American worker's wage go farther? Union, or non-union?

    Basic rules:
    • Items had to be national brands
    • Items had to be regular priced, not on special and not lower if the purchaser belonged to any store club
    • Items had to be exactly the same - manufacturer, title, size, weight, etc.
    • Both stores were compared within 4 hours of this post
    The Stores:
    • Union: Albertsons
    • Non-Union: Wal-Mart Super Store
    The Items:
    1. Tostitos (cheese dip) Salsa Con Queso, Med, 23 oz
      Union: $4.99
      Non-Union: $3.18
    2. Coka Cola, 2 Liter, Classic
      Union: $2.39
      Non-Union: $1.25
    3. Progresso Soup, Lt, Home Style Veg. & Rice, 18.5 oz
      Union: $3.49
      Non-Union: $1.50
    4. Best Foods Real Mayo, 64 oz
      Union: $7.99
      Non-Union: $6.19
    5. Hidden Valley Original Ranch, 24 oz
      Union: $3.28
      Non-Union: $2.98
    6. Pace Chunky Salsa, 16 oz
      Union: $3.29
      Non-Union: $1.66
    7. Minute Rice, White, 42 oz
      Union: $6.89
      Non-Union: $4.18
    8. Betty Croker Potato Buds, 28 oz
      Union: $4.99
      Non-Union: $3.28
    9. Jimmy Dean Cooked Sausage, 9.6 oz
      Union: $4.99
      Non-Union: $2.23
    10. Oscar Meyer Premium Beef Franks, 16 oz
      Union: $5.49
      Non-Union: $2.76
    If you put 2 of each item into your cart, you would have to pay $37.16 more for shopping at a union store:

    Union total: $95.58
    Non-union total: $58.42

    So who do you think helps the American family more - unions or non-unions? Just wait until Barack Obama and his Liberal Congress pass forced unionization!

    Meanwhile, the Liberal controlled union puppets in Congress are trying very hard, along with dooms-day threats from union bosses, to dump billions of hard working American taxpayer dollars into the hands of the UAW union.

    If you think you have some duty to shop union - then by all means - waste your family's money. The smart shoppers know better!

    NOTE: We don't buy any of the items in this survey, so there was no prejudice in what was selected.

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    Scottiebill said...

    If "con" is the opposite of "pro", would Congress be the opposite of progress?