Friday, January 02, 2009

    Discrimination? Not!

    Roland Burris, the black guy appointed to be Senator of Illinois by corrupt Gov. Blagojevich, is claiming if anyone tries to go against his appointment they are racist.

    It's become common practice with a few blacks - use verbal extortion to achieve their ends. If you come against my plans I will label you as racist!

    I'm totally against appointment of elected officials. This guy can no way represent the people because no person voted for him. Democrats are fearful to hold another election because they might loose - so they claim it would simply be too expensive. Coming from the corrupt DNC (Democrats of the New Communism) do you really believe them?

    Nine Muslims were removed from a US flight for safety reasons the other day - you know, better safe than sorry? As expected, they are wailing cries of discrimination, despite the fact most every act of terrorism is sourced by Muslims.

    Islamic powers in the USA continually beat on our government that any attempt to profile them will generate discrimination and potential hate crime charges.

    Our wimp-ass government has bent over backwards to pacify the most dangerous "religion" in the world. They have opened the doors at the FBI and Homeland Security for private tours to Muslim representatives - and far worse.

    The next major attack on our continent will be by Muslims. There is a strong probability that a family setting will be used - not just some scruffy guys like 9/11. A mix of children and/or elderly will easily get their biological and/or chemical agent (or nuclear device) past some government controls and into a high-population area.

    Security? Kiss that goodbye. Obama has appointed Janet Napolitano - just a 2 term gov. - and attorney - to head the most powerful security and intelligence force in the USA - the DHS. Instead of a seasoned security/intelligence professional, Obama, an amateur himself, sticks this inexperienced female lawyer in place.

    Lawyers lawyers all around. Oh boy - do we feel protected?


    Scottiebill said...

    All hail Commissar Obama, defender of untruth, injustice, and the un-American Way!

    Racist: Anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal.

    Racist: Any white person disagreeing with a black person, regardless of the subject matter.

    JustaDog said...

    Sounds like you know the true definition of Racist and how it is nothing more than a tool for manipulation.

    Now go attend a forced race relations course to complete your indoctrination.

    Scottiebill said...

    Attend a "race relations" course? I don't think so.
    I should mention here that we, my family and I, are white. However one of our daughters is engaged to a black man who is a physicians assistant at a hospital in the Seattle area. He is one of the finest men we know, and the rest of the family agrees. However, he has one flaw - he is a liberal and voted (surprise!) for the incoming Commissar. I have a feeling by the time the Commissar's first term is in its third year, if it goes that far, he will have a radical change of mind.

    JustaDog said...

    I believe in equality, but some members of society don't - so they use whatever tactics to accomplish their agenda, including but not limited to using labels like racism, racist, etc.

    This past election showed the dismal state of our nation. On one side a "Progressive" RINO and the other side a radical DINO with strong ties to corrupt unions, corrupt Chicago politics, domestic terrorists, and radical anti-American African "religions".

    If the country wanted a black president I know many outstanding blacks - real 100% blacks - that would have made great leaders.

    The USA is sick and infected with the Communist virus. Yeah - it's a word that you don't hear much anymore, but simply read The Communist Manifesto and you'll see the USA politicians are making it happen.

    It is the sole reason our nation is experiencing convulsions. Most everything that is happening is contrary to our founding fathers and our Constitution - the same Constitution that Barack Obama, the magic Negro, has publically declared as "flawed".