Wednesday, January 07, 2009

    Totally Predicatble

    In Leon Panetta's own words, written in The Washington Monthly last year:

    Those who support torture may believe that we can abuse captives in certain select circumstances and still be true to our values, we cannot and we must not use torture under any circumstances.

    You can remember that if you are alive after the multiple nuclear devices detonate at the same time around our country - probably sooner than later. As Obama's selection of CIA chief Mr. Panetta will choose to spare a little pain or fear of pain or humiliation of someone that might even mastermind such destruction - than save hundreds of thousands (or millions) of American lives.

    This warped mindset of the New Democrats (aka, liberals, progressives, communists) was totally predictable.

    Over 693,000 jobs were lost in the private sector in December. The toilet destination of the economy was totally predictable because of the past years of New Democrat rule. They would rather feel fuzzy giving out loans to people that can't afford to pay them back - and manipulating free enterprise to accomplish their agenda.

    Hundreds of billions of $$$ already dished out to the industries that supported their elections - even already wealthy Hollywood got hundred of millions. Did it make a difference? Did you believe the New Democrat's fear warnings of total collapse if they didn't "take action".

    If you did you are a fool. Now Barack Obama "predicts" years deficits in the TRILLIONS - far greater than ever - historical mismanagement by an ever-growing manipulating monster.

    But this too was totally predicable. It cost much $$$ for a government to seize control of, what once was, the free market. It cost much $$$ for a government to force its mandates of globalism upon the citizens.

    Absolutely nothing New Democrats (aka, liberals, progressives, communists) do will surprise me, even when it is destroying what was once the greatest free nation in the world - empowered over the years by a population of government-dependent, public school educated ignorant, globalistic anti-American selfish idiots whose priorities have changed from preserving the American way of life to how much can they get government to hand out to themselves and others.


    Scottiebill said...

    By picking Panetta for the CIA job, Commissar-elect Obama has shown us all, once again, that his is the poster boy for the Peter Principle. That says that every person rises above their own level of incompetency. Panetta is just another Clinton flunky, one of many, that is being elevated to positions they have no expertise in. And Hillary is just one of those.

    Anonymous said...

    You've been watching too much 24.

    In the real world, what happens when people are tortured is that they say what they think the torturer wants to hear. More often than not it won't be the truth.

    Anonymous said...

    The problem is that Liberals have an extreme wide range of what defines "torture".

    To them, causing a Muslim some humiliation is "torture".

    These same Liberals, aka "Progressives", would rather see the USA be nuked than even 1 Muslim terrorist be humiliated - even it is toward the very person that masterminded the plan to murder thousands.

    The US Constitution makes no limitations to protecting our nation. Those limitations and constraints have been placed upon our country by politicians and social activists (aka, anti-American) entities.