Friday, January 09, 2009

    Obama's Vision - Freedom's Nightmare

    It's just 11 days until Barack Obama becomes president and, along with the most Liberal Congress we have ever had, leads us on the road of destruction.

    Sometimes labeled The Magic Negro millions of voters elected him believing his sweet-talking promises how everything will be different in our country - and the world. I am just loving this false prophet and am already laughing daily.

    Now really - think it over. If the business community believed all the BS of BO why bother laying off anyone? If magic dusk is going to be sprinkled come Jan. 20 - they should be planning to hire more people, right?

    Sorry BO - the huge unemployment increases are a direct statement of NO CONFIDENCE in what you and your liberal Congress have planned for our country. The Liberal Congress that hijacked our country for the past 2 years, bringing the national debt to new heights, is about to be surpassed with a totally Liberal Congress and President - easily doubling what your children will owe to over $2,000,000,000,000+, that's over 2 TRILLION bucks.

    Heck, it's all funny money anyway so what the fuck.

    One of the many new BIG GOVERNMENT programs BO has planned for you is the Smart Grid. Basically this is where every electric user (even your private home) will be monitored by the federal government to know who is using more than they should.

    Just another part of the Liberal's Big Change for America - federal agents coming to your door to question you about your electrical usage. That's just 1 of many of their changes. Bend over and grab your ankles suckers.

    Sure are allot of pro-terrorists on the streets and blogs of the USA (ALL Liberals) defending Hamas (a Muslim terrorist entity) and showing their opposition to Israel defending her sovereignty.
    Saw Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich on the news just a few minutes ago - this guy cracks me up. He never takes questions, loves to quote literature (you know a union thug Liberal is really desperate when they even quote scripture from the Bible!), tries to bring children into why he should remain gov., etc. Rod, you have a great career path with Saturday Night Live!

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