Monday, January 12, 2009

    Who's The Real Enemy Of The USA?

    I'm going to take a diversion from this blog and will post (about 2x/wk) on my newer blog with a different focus. I believe I have fallen into the same trap most Americans have fallen into. I'm not one to see conspiracies everywhere but after examining various historic facts and trends there is definitely something very serious going on that we are not aware of.

    Generally speaking there does seem to be a trend from early to present:
    • President Carter: (1) Befriended Yasser Arafat, a well-documented major (high-level) terrorist player, and helped secure Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize - legitimizing his (Arafat's) past terrorist efforts - albeit clouded in superficial humanitarianism. (2) Continues to meet with terrorist hierarchy such as Hamas. (3) Had no problem giving away an important American asset - the Panama Canal Zone. (4) Did not press Iran to release hostages - made a superficial "effort" to free them (which everyone knew about). (5) Provided money, training (including bomb training), and arms to Islamic forces in Afghanistan.

    • President Clinton: (1) Ignored warnings about Bin Laden, a previous Saudi national, and the dangers he presented to the USA. (2) Turned his back while Saudi nationals trained in the USA for their 9/11 attack. (3) Had the CIA close offices in Germany, recall the operations officers - resulting in practically no intelligence and completely missing the Hamburg cell connection to 9/11 - most likely, intentionally. (4) Receives $10-$25 Million from Saudi Arabia (all but one of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals). (5) Receives over $25 Million from the "Children's Investment Fund Foundation" - located in London nearby the Muslim core and 2.6 miles from the Islamic Centre of England. (Financial support for terrorist activities are often shielded by humanitarian, child, poverty, AIDS, and other "aid".)

    • President Bush (jr): (1) Invades Iraq - no connection to 9/11 - under pretense of WMDs. (2) Allows Iran to develop nuclear capabilities (one of his Axis of Evil nations). (3) Allows North Korea to develop and test a nuclear bomb (one of his Axis of Evil nations). (4) Dumps Billions of $$$ into foreign "aid" programs - increasing deficit to historic levels. (5) Continues to allow Saudi Arabia (and nearby Islamic countries) to invest and even control various US interests directly in the USA and abroad. (6) Extraordinary Constitutional rights violations on Americans - by both parties.
    Soon-to-be President Obama? We know he thinks the US Constitution is "flawed" - his words. We know he has already been talking with Hamas and Iran. We know there is suppose to be a major event happen that we are suppose to trust his judgment on. Biden called this "Obama's test" from outside the USA. I believe Liberals will drive the USA so far into debt they will attempt to tell Americans that the only way out is some sort of globalization - I.E., throw out our Constitution as we know it. (This is just 1 aspect of what is being set up).

    The biggest connection that goes back for decades with these leaders is the absolution of Saudi Arabia - as if they go out of their way to protect that oppressive Islamic country. Remember, all but 1 of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia - not Iran, not Iraq, not Syria, not Russia.

    Almost as if planned the last 8 years have seen a huge increase of fighting between Americans that really hasn't gone much of anywhere. I believe this internal fighting of individuals, media, bloggers, etc. on superficial issues was planned as a distraction from addressing the real questions.

    I also believe the global disasters are concocted illusions to gain increasing control and thus, less freedoms. From Pandemics to Global warming to AIDS to Global finance to terrorism - Americans have become so fearful they are willing to give up their money, their freedoms, and their futures.

    So just look the other way, bury your head in a hole, hide under your pillow, continue to be fed by your favorite media outlet, stay glued to "reality" TV - just don't open your eyes and look around - you might see something you were not suppose to.


    Scottiebill said...

    Who's the real enemy of the U.S.? You could start with nearly every country that we have sent foreign aid to. Then we have the UN, a purely anti-American outfit that we need to kick out of our country and send to France or Somalia or Siberia. We also need to quit the UN, and NOW! That building they are in in NYC could be used for some really worthwhile purpose rather than for the third-worlders it is housing now.

    Anonymous said...

    What is the URL of your new blog?

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    Countrygirl said...

    I had not visited in a while, so I thought I would check in and say "hello." I am sure you enjoyed the "Immaculate Coronation" as much as I did. :-)

    I know there are things going on that we are not aware of. The left has a new puppet inhabiting the White House that they can control. A one world government seems to be dangerously lurking on the horizon. Stock up on your ammo!