Saturday, December 11, 2004

    Kudos for Saturday -1-

    Colin Powell, Secretary of State - Kudos to you Mr. Powell for representing the United States with integrity and conviction. As Secretary of State and decades in the military you truly have the best interests of this country at heart. Your life and the way you worked hard is a template for success by anyone of any race. Raised in South Bronx by immigrant parents from Jamaica to become so highly positioned. If you ever decide to run for President…

    George W. Bush, President - Kudos to the President who can be credited for placing well-deserving minorities in high positions. It doesn't matter what party you favor, the facts are the facts and GWB has and appears to continue to put more minorities into high positions of authority. I'm disappointed in left-wing extreme liberals that try to stop these appointments.

    Joe Lieberman, Senator - Kudos to Senator Lieberman, a leader of integrity and honor - I wish you had been on the presidential ticket! You place this country before your party and are not afraid to take a stance - even if it means agreeing with the "opposition". You've had a long history of public service - congratulations, and hope you are able to continue!

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