Sunday, December 19, 2004

    Random Poop Balls

    Taking the dog out for her morning walk in the field we dodge randomly placed droppings - or are they? This field has evidence of dogs, cats, horses, ducks, geese, fox, squirrels, and much more. If the grass and ground is very wet the boots go on, but that's little consolation if some of that stuff meets your sole. Our dog goes leash-free since it's rare to see other dogs, especially so early in the morning. This AM she happened near the gate of a boyfriend of hers, so she arched her back and left him a little gift. Don't think that was random, but intentional. Perhaps a sign of her desires?

    There never seems to be a lack of shit happening in the world - some random, some not. To those that observe it from a distance it just looks like some areas of our field - most unseen. Lots of shit nowadays seems to have something to do with religion - and there are so many beliefs - perhaps part of the problem? But all these religions do have one thing in common - Shit Happens! Enjoy the link!

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