Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    Just Da Facts Ma'am

    I respect facts. I enjoy facts. Jack Webb use to want just the facts (yeah, like those reruns). I try to post facts - especially if I touch the hot realm of politics (which I do try to avoid but sometimes I can't help it).

    Now take the previous post for example. I stated facts and even reputable links about Dr. Rice, not just fluffy talk without substance. I also posted facts about the first female secretary of state, Ms. Albright. I could have simple said she looked like a pudgy fat bulldog that kissed every foreign leaders ass but I didn't, I stated facts about her history in that position. The first commenter provided even more facts. Facts are good - it helps limit arguments - hard to argue facts.

    How about truth? Is truth and facts the same? Not always. Some people believe the tsunami was an act of some deity - they believe that to be the truth. So that example shows that in order to claim truth to something, one must have some level of intelligence to examine all possibilities. I'm sure you can think of other truths that really are not facts. Besides, a person's perception of truth is often coupled with their emotions.

    I'd hope that those of the left wing will offer truth when posting anywhere. If the best you can offer are statements like "you must be smokin crack" with nothing substantial - no facts - then why embarrass yourself? Is that when you'd post anonymously? Give FACTS!

    I'd hope that those of the right wing will do the same. If you try to tell me Hillary-with-a-stick-up-her-ass and head-in-the-ground-Dean both drool when they are yelling Yee-haw well be prepared to state facts, not just random insults. I refuse to stoop to that level and so should you. If you say that Senator Kennedy is a fat worthless scumbag I'd rather hear facts, not verbal attacks. Give FACTS!

    And if you want to bash this great country then I'd assume you're living in some foreign country if it's so bad here. Do a comparison of your country and our great country. Use facts - compare your taxes to ours. Does your country have a totally open media? How's your unemployment rate? Are millions trying to get into your country like they are the USA? Give FACTS!

    If you disagree with me that's cool - but give real facts and correct me if I'm wrong. Taking potshots just shows ignorance - give documented (from a reliable source) facts!


    birdwoman said...

    I always find opinion, especially when spewed as misspelled venom, to be much more entertaining than fact. You can almost see spittle in the ravings of some angry writers (left or right).

    However, stating fact with terms like "ran wild" and "feverishly" leads one to believe you might be cherry-picking facts from a source that is tainted. There is much opinion in those statements.

    Better to say:
    Under Ms. Albright's tenure, there were several acts of terrorism committed against the US from foreign sources (site first WTC bombing, Somalia, USS Cole). Many of these can be traced directly to OBL.... etc.
    Without the emotive adjectives. See what I mean? Just as damning, but much more objective.

    Just my opinion.

    TAotB said...

    Excellent post. Nicely said. It really does make a difference when people use accurate sources and limit the invective in their arguments.

    Then again, many are not even trying to argue; they simply want a forum to vent their spleen and take advantage of any opportunity. If you were somehow able to follow their comments around the web, you would most likely find that their statements, even in cases where they agree with the post they are commenting on, are bereft of fact or cites.

    Keep up the good work.

    Warren said...

    This post is extremely ironic (or perhaps hypocritical?) considering the potshot you just took in my blog comments.

    I'll agree, facts would be nice.