Friday, March 18, 2005

    Need More Government?

    I believe in less government and more personal responsibility. Here are some signs (a micro-list) that you might be the type that needs more government:
    You eat too much at the fat food outlets like McDonald's, become fat, then feel it's the fault of the fat food chain and blame the government for not controlling you. Blame someone else!
    You have big gas-guzzling SUV's, boats, gas mower, gas blower, dirt bikes, motor home, and a snowmobile and wonder why a limited natural resource is becoming so expensive so you need the government to blame, and you whine for more government policies to get cheaper gas. Blame someone else!
    You lack initiative to get better grades, let alone stay in school to increase your skills, so you need the government to give you an artificial edge over those that do put forth the effort. If you still can't make it you want the government to take care of you. Blame someone else!
    You love to pull out your plastic and charge it - it's your choice. You run up your debt and soon you can't pay those monthly payments. You demand the government protect you from the big mean companies that trusted you to pay your debt, and you'd rather just sock it to those evil companies - heck, they made you buy beyond your means. Blame someone else!
    You are too naïve to figure out where the off button is on your TV and too lazy to manage your own children, so you rather have the government be your nanny when it comes to predictable media content - including video games. Blame someone else!
    You believe, without question, the real evil are the "rich" in the country, the conservatives, those with higher standards than you - so you want more government to protect you - while all the time you could care less about illegal aliens, increased violent gangs, bloated prisons, etc. Blame someone else!


    Kender said...

    Preach it Maddie.


    VikiBabbles said...

    You said it. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll be stopping by yours often after reading this post.

    VikiBabbles said...

    Okay, I'm freaking out. Two minutes after I got your comment and commented back, I clicked to your blog on blog explosion. Weird. Maybe not weird. I don't really know.

    : JustaDog said...


    Never under-estimate that power of the Dawg Side!

    (Note I changed from "Dog" to "Dawg" - maybe more appropriate)

    dawson said...

    You go, Girl!
    Amen, amen, and amen. Couldn't have said it better myself, though I wish I had. Enjoy your blog!

    Pundit said...

    Well, TWO things we agree on.

    YOU hit the nail on the head.

    ITS FUN to blame someone else, especially the overfed, overplayed, overindulged, over-pandered-to, morons who are dying for a socialist state like the Euros have.

    Small government, that's the key.

    Pundit said...

    BTW--what happened to get your knickers in a twist to get of on this rant?

    : JustaDog said...

    I'm on the mail lists of many enemy camps, from the UN to the ACLU - many. I've been getting tons of emails lately from this place:

    Mainly due to the budget, these and others continue to suck from the productive of society. The real pisser is how they throw children at the front as if it's to justify their cause. It's typical even in this state to use children as the focus when trying to get more taxes for things not related to their superficial hype. Time for some drink...

    Pundit said...

    Get off those mailing lists. You'll get so crazy you'll blow a gasket. Believe it or not, I was a member of the ACLU for about on year based on an issue they claim to be interested in, but never seemed to cover. I got tired of their socialist commie pinko crap and let my subscription lapse. Every month it seemed like the lead article in their paper was an anti-white, anti-majoritarian, anti-working, anti-moral tirade. I just got tired of reading how the common, working, tax-paying, morally concerned, legally-here people were destroying the world. I know there are pockets of isolated problems in places like the south, and I know that there are problems of inequity in capitalism. But I also know that the U.S. does not officially institutionalize those problems, and we are the only country inthe world where the so-called oppressed and under-represented can come here and make money by starting organizations preaching the destruction of America. Like the ACLU--those socialist, commie pinko left-wing meatheads that hate everything about democracy and capitalism and by God they are going to stand on democratic capitalistic rights in their attempt to destroy it all. Go figure. The Bush administration needs to execute an executive order (one of those things that Congress can't interfere with) that the ACLU is a terrorist subversive organization, and turn the matter over to homeland security to deal with in a most effective manner. There. I've used your site to post my post.

    L.A. Price said...

    Well, I can see that living in Eugene has given you a thick skin and a hard heart.

    I hope you are well insured (and that you can afford to stay that way if your income drops because you get too sick to work..) after all you would never take advantage of anything that had the slightest whiff of socialized medicine.

    Bleah, I could waste my time trying to disabuse you of your simplistic notions of how the world works, and pointing out that you are a direct beneficiary of the "socialist policies" you decry, and schooling you in the fact that in some cases it is much more effective (as measured by a cost/benefit metric) for services to be provided publicly.

    But you wouldn't listen; would you.

    People like you make me want to homestead the moon.

    Economically illiterate, white trash libertarian fools make me sick, may you lose everything you hold dear and be forced to work the recycling line at BRING to put food on the table (no food assistance for You! it's socialism remember).

    : JustaDog said...

    Well, my readers can sure tell sure tell when one of those that have no problems sucking from those that are productive in society post here. Their most obvious trait is they don't like the truth, nor do they wish it exposed.

    One does not need a "thick skin and hard heart" to want the good people to prosper. You make some broad claims without one example - please give the readers just 1 example of where socialized anything was more effective. God, I hope you choose the topic of public schools - oh please do!

    "Homestead the moon" - ah, problem is you and those like you would never do that because there is no infrastructure of productive people on the moon for you to leach off.

    Anonymous said...

    Don't ya just love the condescending remarks of the bitter and unemployed.


    Rik said...

    Ahh, a breath of fresh air. I love your blog and check in when I can and this entry just confirmed my affection.

    Interesting fact that many libs ignore - there are actually many more millionaires registered as Democrats than Republicans. So much for the pary of the rich...