Monday, March 14, 2005

    Eugene City Councilors 4 Sale

    Yes, some of the Eugene, OR City Councilors can be bought. These elected individuals have motivations for their decisions that certainly are not for the citizens they supposedly represent. Perhaps the main demigod is Bonny Bettman. Let's take the current possible purchase of the headquarters for our electric utility, EWEB, as the most current example.
    EWEB sits along part of the Willamette River. EWEB wishes to move and there have been two possible buyers - Triad (a private for-profit hospital empire) and Arlie & Co. Choosing Triad would result in the privatization of our riverfront greenway. Choosing Arlie would result in a public access, multi-use (quaint shops, food court, etc.) riverfront area. The citizens of Eugene want the public access, multi-use option.
    Bonny Bettman (pic) "threaten commissioners with outright city opposition if they did anything other than sell to Triad". Bonny Bettman dictated the city has the final say on what can or cannot be developed on the public's land...and if it's not a hospital, then it's nothing at all. Bettman said, "The EWEB site is zoned as industrial property and is public land it is not zoned for residential or commercial uses...The city has the authority and the resources to mitigate those challenges but only in the pursuit of a hospital."
    In yesterday's paper Triad will be taking our Mayor Kitty Piercy (who received money from Triad for her election in 2004), Councilors George Poling and Bonny Bettman (surprised?), and our City Manager Dennis Taylor on an all expenses paid whirlwind trip.
    These people can not be trusted to make decisions that will transform our city and riverfront. Some, like Bettman, have aggressively shown they have personal agendas that outweigh the desires of the citizens when promoting this flawed plan. The council has not being willing, to date, to open their own "public hearings" or other focused dialog with citizens. This is a decision that must be voted on by us, not by a bought-and-paid-for tiny core of officials.


    Anonymous said...

    I must say, you find the wildest looking pics. I was wondering what happened to Beldar and Prymatt.


    nonpcpundit said...

    This is an excellent example of democracy at work, believe it or not. Capitalism, the driving force of a free-enterprise society, working hand in hand with the democratically-elected representive of a select social group. More accurately, this is republican representation at work in a capitalistic federal republic at local level. (Republican meaning a form of government, not a party affiliate.) Those who have the power are wielding it to the detriment of their constituents. A problem, I might add, not only of communisim and socialism (as the Euros have found out) but also in a democracy as well. Revolt!!

    Anonymous said...

    From Eugene, don't want that hospital at the EWEB location - very very dumb. The road access isn't there, the location is absurd - especially for emergency needs, and think you're right about motivations of a few of the councilors. Doubt if it would ever make it to a vote however. Sad for us.

    kara said...

    Progress... a river flowing by an illustrious hospital, better than a waste disposal site I suppose. Years ago the Southeast side of the river - now Alton Baker park was a landfill site (garbage dump) Come on city council have a little foresight.