Tuesday, March 15, 2005


    Last month I posted one called CNN vs. Fox News - a post made because I heard Ted Turner compare Fox News to Hitler. Not that I'm some paid promoter of Fox News, and I do watch other news stations of course - I just find Fox News more revealing. I do, however, think they spend too much time on tabloid crap sometimes.
    Columbia University has proved my stance in their posting of The State of the News Media 2005. It really isn't too surprising, but I did find it interesting. Just taking three cable news companies and their coverage of the war in Iraq:
    • Fox news: 38 percent were favorable; 62 percent neutral, negative or not able to be classified.
    • CNN news: 20 percent were positive; 80 percent neutral, negative or not able to be classified.
    • MSNBC: 16 percent positive, 84 percent neutral, negative or not classifiable.
    In the Overview there is a sentence: Fox's stories are more deeply sourced than those of its cable rivals, but are also more one-sided. My interpretation is that since Fox's stories ARE more deeply sourced they THEREFORE can appear more one-sided. Like any statistics, there will be interpretational differences.
    And to Ted Turner - the study found no trace of Hitler in Fox.

    A long the topic of fair-and-balanced: I peruse all sorts of blogs through people's links and it appears that many "left-wing" blogs don't allow comments or will delete comments that post a different view. Are they afraid or something? Anyone else find this phenomena or am I just imagining things?


    Commanded Citizen said...

    I keep hearing that FoxNews leans to the right but as a liberal (in many ways), I can tell you they strike me as being about as fair and balanced as can be.

    I find myself getting pissed off at them for leaning too far to the (wacky) right about as often as I find myself getting pissed off at them for leaning too far to the (wacky) left. To me, that is pretty fair and balanced.

    nonpcpundit said...

    I prefer Fox News over others because they do cover things in more depth, and tend to pick up on things quicker than CNN or other sources. However, they tend to allow themselves to become an echo chamber for the right more than they should.

    Tom Harper said...

    I've had my comments deleted from rightwing blogs. I've also been hollered at and/or called names by the owner of the blog, but at least I can respect that more than someone just deleting the comment. (My comments might get snide or sarcastic, but no swearing or namecalling.)

    For Leftwing blogs, I can't answer, since my comments there are usually in agreement.

    You're not gonna delete this, are you :)