Thursday, March 17, 2005

    Got a Number?

    A new number has been assigned to Scott Peterson now that he has been formally assigned to death row at San Quentin State Prison. To the family members of Laci and her unborn child it is closure to their sorrow. All I can say is that Scott is lucky he committed his murder in California and not Texas.
    There is no telling whether Peterson will ever receive a lethal injection. Of the 38 states with the death penalty, California moves the slowest toward executions. As a result, condemned inmates here are more likely to die in prison. You see, in California they have a death penalty because that is what the people wanted - yet the have a court system with judges that manipulate the system that in affect, puts their anti-death penalty beliefs above those of the populous. It doesn't matter how many lawyers Scott might have (he claims he has no lawyer now) there is no deadline for California's high court to act. In other words the liberal judges have circumvented the will of the people. When the voters of California succeed in passing immigration controls these are the same judges that circumvent the will of the people on those issues as well. Sorry citizens of California - you really don't control your state.
    So how will Scott be punished? Well there is the inconvenience of not taking showers everyday - he will have to settle for just 3 times a week. Doen't matter since he won't be doing anything really laborious - hard labor went out - the judges made it so. He'll get free haircuts. He'll get free room service: breakfast (sausage patty, two hard-boiled eggs, a square of hash brown potatoes, the next day it might be coffee cake with hot cereal), lunch (bread, lunch meat or peanut butter and jelly or tuna salad, along with cookies, chips, fruit and sugar-free Kool-Aid), and dinner (usually meat, potatoes and a vegetable, or various ethnic meals). The best behaved Death Row inmates can get "tier-time". This is when the tiers are cleared and the cells unlocked and the inmates can come out and play pinochle and take showers. He'll also get free medical care, free dental care, free clothes (limited wardrobe), and much more. There is a catch - when I say "free" it is for Scott, but complements of the citizens of California.
    ut alas, Scott might suffer even more in the proposed new $220 million death row facility - larger, nicer, and cleaner. California death row - not a holding facility for those waiting for their sentence to be carried out - a joke.

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