Tuesday, March 15, 2005

    WMD's Revisited

    The article title in the British News Telegraph: Saddam's $2m offer to WMD inspector. The article starts with Saddam Hussein's regime offered a $2 million (£1.4 million) bribe to the United Nations' chief weapons inspector to doctor his reports on the search for weapons of mass destruction.
    Hmm, excuse me - but if Saddam never had any WMD's and he never was working on WMD's and he never had any intention of buying WMD's why would he be attempting to bribe UN weapons inspection officials to doctor their reports (not that it would be difficult to do that)???
    More on this and the NY Times story revealing that there really were WMD's can be found here (requires free signup). An alternative is here. Guess some whiners can't call it a "Liars War" anymore huh?


    nonpcpundit said...

    There are only three minor problems with this.

    1. This is a NY Times article who is about as precise in their reporting as the Wahington Post and Dan Rather at CBS
    2. It is all the same old pre-war rhtetoric
    3. Wen the U.S. Invaded, and up until the present no WMD were found, no manufacturing facilities were found, no nukes were found, no nuclear manufacturing facilties were found, no delivery sytems or operation launch sites were found, no documents related to any programs were found, no evidence that any of these items were transported was found. People are ASSUMING they existed because of such rhetoric, and people are ASSUMING they were taken out of Iraq because nobody found them. Yet, no evidence exists of their manufacture or movement. The cap on the bottle is the fact that after almost two years of searching, the commission sent their finally said they were calling off the search because NOTHING WAS THEIR. Why Saddam would try to bribe somebody was probably a ploy to avoid an invasion and thus not get him deposed. Ater all, he was getting quite rich off oil royalties and the food for oil program. There were many good reasons for making such a bribe. Teh existence of WMD was not one of them.

    : JustaDog said...

    They thought the robbery was staged by the owner, but when the reporters walked into the jewelry store after the robbery and saw no jewels remaining, they concluded there never were any jewels, therefore the jewelry store owner was innocent.

    #1: Unlike Dan Rather I have not seen anyone speculate that their information was bogus or counterfit;

    #2: No, this is "during-war" admissions - and more will come to light as more of those tons of documents taken in Iraq get translated.

    #3: The "no jewels found" story is in answer to this. This type of "logic" is not logic - for example, if Saddam was never found does that mean he really didn't exist? The full story is not in on this one, and personally I don't think it will be until during or after Saddam is executed - gone for good. People there are still afraid while he is still alive.

    "Cap on the bottle" - sorry, that is the biggest joke I've heard. There is no way a handful of people could have searched all possible above ground and under ground locations - including peoples houses, again, above and under ground. This logic is the same as saying that all possible archaeological sites must have been discovered since searching for such has been done for over a hundred years. And if you are wrong and all that you claim has not been found has either been transported out of the country in full or part? Can you prove in any way that absolutely nothing was trucked out of Iraq?

    As time passes there is more evidence that contridicts your "pure and innocent Saddam" concept.

    nonpcpundit said...

    Its all rhetoric. The article you post from the British Telegraph notes that the Swedish representative indicated that from 1991 to 1997 when His team was there HOTHING WAS FOUND. That means that from the end of the war in 1991 until 2005--15 YEARS--NOTHING WAS FOUND. By multitudes of teams going in and out, not just a few people here and there. That being the record, those who do not believe anthing was there are under no obligation to prove anything. The administration that invaded the country, based on what THEY SAID WAS POSITIVE EVIDENCE OF WMD are under obligation to answer for what they did on that basis. This isn't a matter of whether or not anybody likes Saddam Hussein or is defending the way he ran the country. The issue is conducting aggressive warfare, toppling a regime, killing family members of the rulership based on non-existent evidence. And it will remain that way until evidence is found. Remember--IN A DEMOCRACY, WHERE NO EVIDENCE OF GUILT IS FOUNDON A CRIME CHARGED, WE EXPECT OUR COURTS TO FIND PEOPLE INNOCENT, REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER OTHER PROBLEMS MAY EXIST. AND THE INVASION (SEE UN RESOLUTION 1441) WAS ON THAT ISSUE. Whether or not Saddam Hussein was a thief, murderous thug, dictator, whatever, if the United States, under the guise of democracy, invaded a country in a fashion that contradicts everything democracy is supposed to stand for, how can we claim any moral authority for what we are trying to do over there? One of the charges against the remaining Nazis at Nuremburg was "waging agressive war" which is considered now, under international law (and thanks to what the United States did in 1945) as a war crime. We're treading on dangerous ground here.

    : JustaDog said...

    Ah - you are right and I was wrong - what was I thinking? I should know that Swedish inspectors and UN inspectors have the USA as their primary concern to protect. How silly of me to think otherwise!

    nonpcpundit said...

    Well, not really. The UN resolution was a product of the British and the US. Most of that was based on information given by Chalabi, who had also informed the adminstration that a resounding wave of support would follow the Americans in the campaign, which also never happened. There was a lot more going on here than met the eye. I'm also suspicious now because all the leftist democrats seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. Including Kerry, whom I saw in an interview earlier today. That tells me something is wrong.

    Kabooke Quantum Fighter said...

    dude, they found a gigantic wmd and bush just had a press conference about it...come check out my site to see where its at!