Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Heeee Hawww - A Liberal Goes a Hunt'n

    While some were convinced Sean Penn really tried to rescue people in New Orleans until his boat sprang a lead (those movie people know how to stage things just in the nic of time) were we surprised that he just didn't fix his boat and go back for another try? Not me - I knew it was all an act - even though I don't consider him much of an actor he did pull it off with some.

    The picture above is from a picture snapped of Penn going hunt'n in New Orleans. Now I know liberals have no problem letting violent criminals roam the streets of our great country but to be totting a shotgun themselves? Aren't liberals suppose to be anti-gun - supporting any legislation to remove guns from good people so that only criminals will have the guns?

    It's not sure what or who Sean was hunting for. Perhaps liberal Sean doesn't think the death toll in the area is high enough. Madonna, you were wise to dump this turkey long ago!
    Meanwhile, liberals (socialists) continue to exploit Katrina to promote their socialist agenda. One of their websites tries to go to great lengths to show that everything sad and bad was because of capitalism and privitazation. Check out their BS here. This liberal mentality tries to make people feel guilty - about everything. "Capitalist Globalisation" is just one of their objectives on their termination list.
    I'm a bit more realistic. What happened was because of a dynamic planet. It was a hurricane combined with a city below sea level placed near a large body of water at sea level. Tell me - did you fall for the guilt trip?

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