Monday, September 12, 2005

    I C Da Light - BLAME BUSH!

    For years I just thought the liberals would take any negative situation and twist it into just another negative attack on President Bush. Those that have read my blog know there are policies of this administration that I totally disagree with - especially when it comes to protecting our country at the border and illegal aliens.

    Then I thought that attacks on Bush were really attacks on all the millions that voted for him - especially for a second term. I know Democrats that voted for him because they saw no strong alternative. I know rich and poor that voted for him. So attacks on the administration are really attacks on those that voted for the Republican party and principles.

    A few items I'd like to add to the blame Bush list:
    • There has been no attack by terrorists on American soil since 9/11/2001 and Americans at home are safer - BLAME BUSH!
    • The USA unemployment rate is very low - 4.9% unemployed (by choice or not), 95.1% are employed in this country (would be higher without the illegal aliens taking American jobs) - BLAME BUSH!
    • Inflation is among the lowest on the planet and has been low throughout the Bush years - BLAME BUSH!
    • The liberal fear-mongers told us there were going to be 20,000 expected dead because of Hurricane Katrina - never happened. In fact the current tiny death toll is about the same for the number of people murdered each year in New Orleans alone (a very deadly place to live or visit) - BLAME BUSH!
    • When the local New Orleans liberal mayor and Louisiana liberal governor failed to protect their own state citizens in a timely manner the federal government had to come to the rescue, along with several large Christian organizations (no Muslim organizations helped) - BLAME BUSH!
    • Big corporate corruption that flourished during the criminal Clinton administration like Enron, Tyco and others were prosecuted under the Bush administration - BLAME BUSH!
    Yep - there is much to blame Bush for - and many of these topics are not discussed by liberals!

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