Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    HOT Katrina News FLASHS

    Mexico's President Vicente Fox will send some of his organized citizens (aka gangs) from California and Arizona to the New Orleans area to aid in the looting.
    Michael Jackson will write a song for Katrina relief - if he can find other artists to join him. Jackson has already composed the song - initially named From My Groin but was changed the tentative title to From the Bottom of My Heart. Michael has sent a private bus to the area to pick up children separated from their parents. He has plans to help them cope at has Neverland park.
    Not to be outdone Sean Penn showed up to save children from the floods in New Orleans - but failed miserably. Penn, a one-shot celebrity, would only save children if there were plenty of cameras around (on his boat) to record how charitable he was. This turned out bad when his boat started to leak because of a hole he forget to fix. Oh Penn head, maybe next hurricane?
    Milk it, exploit it. Liberals and Democrats didn't leave Cindy Sheehan for nothing. They will exploit Katrina for all they can - with the key word against the Bush administration being "Failure". Mainstream media is to focus on the failure of the President for not sending the National Guard in sooner (by law the President can not do this - it requires the Governor of the state to do this). Expect to be nauseated with the usual politician and media liberal focus of failure and the usual focus of liberals NOT being able to focus on anything positive and growth-related.
    Senator Hilarious Clinton blames Bush for Massive Failures (next week it will be catastrophic) in response to Hurricane Katrina. She also wants FEMA to be separated from the Department of Homeland Security (earlier she wanted FEMA to be under the DHS - flipflop; and despite the huge security problems they had down there). Senator Hilarious said "FEMA ran far more effectively under her husband's watch" (although there were no disasters to test that theory during the Clinton criminal reign). When asked how many displaced citizens would be coming to New York the Senator said "Them folks shouldn't come up here because we don't have the humidity they are use to and they will feel all dried out".

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