Thursday, September 08, 2005

    So Let's Not Go Crazy!

    Everyone by now knows that FEMA will be handing out debit cards worth $2,000 for immediate needs. I have to wonder if there are some limitations how these can be used - can a person buy non-essentials like cigarettes, liquor, or other products like that. I would hope so - that is my tax money being handed out!
    I'd also like to see temporary housing set up so that people from that area can work on the clean-up and reconstruction. There is a huge amount of money that will be used for both so why have all of it go to outside companies. A better approach would be to have those physically able to work at rebuilding their city - and pay for that effort of course. This will avert so many handouts and give people pride to be able to be self-sufficient and rebuild their communities.
    New Orleans and Louisiana has been ruled for about 60 years by liberals. 60 Years of handouts, poor planning, low self-esteem, mis-management, and the illusion that all is well - and it was not. I look forward to investigations into what went wrong.
    I can't wait until the facts come out about how that liberal government mis-managed funds that were suppose to go to the Levee project - 10 YEARS AGO - during the Clinton crime reign! I can hardly wait to hear how the RedCross was NOT allowed to bring food and water to the Superdome by order of Democrat Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco because she was afraid more people would try to rush in when it was already to capacity (so she decided to let them go hungry and thirsty). Yep - it will be great hearing the results of an investigation!

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