Sunday, September 11, 2005

    Remembering That Day

    Today marks another year that has passed since radical Muslims attacked our country. As usual, liberals blame this attack on President Bush - although he was even in office for barely 9 months and the terrorists that piloted the jets had trained under then President Bill "Saxophone" Clinton's nose. Liberals blame Bush for not capturing Osama Bimbo Laden although Clinton had multiple opportunities to capture him before he went into hiding. Liberals like to blame anyone but themselves.
    I had this article emailed to be - a reprint from a last year posting at the FrontPage magazine. Consider this excerpt:
    In fact, the al-Qaeda terrorists responsible for the September 11 attacks had first engaged U.S. troops as early as 1993 when the Clinton administration deployed U.S. military forces to Somalia. Their purpose was humanitarian: to feed the starving citizens of this Muslim land. But, America's goodwill ambassadors were ambushed by al-Qaeda forces. In a 15-hour battle in Mogadishu, 18 Americans were killed and 80 wounded. One dead U.S. soldier was dragged through the streets in an act calculated to humiliate his comrades and his country. The Americans' offense was not that they had brought food to the hungry. Their crime was who they were-"unbelievers," emissaries of "the Great Satan," in the political religion of the enemy they now faced.

    The defeat in Mogadishu was a blow not only to American charity, but to American power and American prestige. Nonetheless, under the leadership of America's then commander-in-chief, Bill Clinton, there was no military response to the humiliation. The greatest superpower the world had ever seen did nothing. It accepted defeat.
    Yet, once again, the Clinton administration’s response was to absorb the injury and accept defeat. The president did not even visit the bomb crater or tend to the victims. Instead, America’s commander-in-chief warned against "overreaction."
    How did some key liberal Democrat leaders respond and how did they advise their Democrat President to respond?

    Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy:
    Absolutely nothing done.

    Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi:
    Absolutely nothing done.

    Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer:
    Absolutely nothing done.

    Democratic Senator John Kerry:
    Absolutely nothing done.

    Vice President Al Gore:
    Absolutely nothing done.

    Secretary of State Madeleine Albright:
    Absolutely nothing done.

    Democratic Security Advisor Sandy Berger:
    Absolutely nothing done.
    I could go one with the list but I find myself wanting to puke. All of those innocent people dead - because of dead leadership.

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