Friday, October 14, 2005

    Boring - Yet Another Anti-Bush, Anti-War Author

    Remember Scott Ritter? Yeah, that ex-marine turned ex-intelligence officer turned ex-UN weapons inspector turned ex-conservative turned ex-American. From the Cybercast News Service:
    ( - A new book by a former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations lashes the Bush administration and the Central Intelligence Agency for engaging in an "intelligence conspiracy to undermine the U.N. and overthrow Saddam Hussein."

    In authoring "Iraq Confidential," former weapons inspector Scott Ritter alleges that the Bush administration knew there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or ties between Saddam and terrorist organizations.
    Seems like ever since he worked for the UN as a (questionable) weapons inspector he's had a change of perspective, apparently taking on a bit of the anti-American genre that permeates the UN culture. Now he has written himself a book with the hopes that all the anti-war and anti-Bush types will buy it up and line his pockets before anyone realizes that, like his reports on weapons in Iraq, is just full of BS.

    Even other UN weapon inspectors have scratched their heads, bewildered by Scotty:
    Ritter has been accused of revisionism by other ex-weapons inspectors. They note his testimony before Congress shortly after he quit in 1998, when Ritter said that without inspectors, Iraq would have operational chemical and biological weapons in less than six months.

    "Iraq is not disarmed," Ritter told the House Armed Services Committee in 1998. In contrast to his present position that Iraq doesn't endanger the region, he said: "Iraq still poses a real and meaningful threat to its neighbors, and nothing the Security Council or the U.S. is currently doing will change this back."

    At a recent hearing of the same House panel, David Kay, another former UN weapons inspector with Iraq experience, questioned Ritter's integrity.

    "Either he lied to you then or he's lying now. It's your choice," Kay told lawmakers. "He's gone completely the other way. I cannot explain it on the basis of the known facts."
    Scotty wishes to create his own miss-conception about Saddam's Iraq, Saddam's weapons, Saddam's capabilities, and Saddam's military goals. It was Scotty himself, upon resigning from his position with the UN that he warned about Saddam:
    "The sad truth is that Iraq today is not as disarmed anywhere near the level required by Security Council resolutions," Ritter said at the time. "As you know, UNSCOM has good reason to believe that there are significant numbers of proscribed weapons and related components and the means to manufacture such weapons unaccounted for in Iraq today."
    Scotty changes his mind in 2001 and wrote and starred in Shifting Sands - a documentary that proclaimed Iraq was not a threat. Oh - the $400,000 funding for Scotties documentary was supplied by Iraqi-American businessman Shakir al Khafaji, who had used his connections with Saddam's regime and the United Nations Oil for Food Program to pocket $1.1 million, according to the Financial Times of London.

    Heck, I didn't even mention the arrest of Scott Ritter in Albany County, NY in 2001 for seeking sex from underaged girls online. No wonder liberals now love him and have no problem quoting him - he fits their role model profile to a T.

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