Thursday, October 13, 2005

    We Must Stop The INSANE Federal Spending!

    I've been able to save billions by pruning the current federal budget of programs that should not be part of the Federal budget. This is money back to the taxpayers to take care of themselves. I'd also change the system from one that promotes having babies that people can't afford to one that promotes responsible families. I'd also make local governments responsible for providing private insurance coverage to those that don't obtain insurance on their own (i.e., increase a home-owners taxes to cover the premium costs). This would eliminate the need for government to cover the losses of those that want a free ride and currently choose to go without insurance. If I totalled the numbers below (in Billions) there is an annual savings of $1,040,730,000,000 - that's OVER a TRILLION dollars just on these social programs. Terminate the following:

    $13B - International dev., humanitarian aid
    $21.73B - Farm income stabilization
    $4.29B - Agricultural research and services
    $6.25B - Community development
    $2.86B - Area and regional development
    $9.99B - Disaster relief and insurance
    $38.57B - Elementary, Secondary & Vocational education
    $22.27B - Higher education
    $6.88B - Training and employment
    $1.6B - Labor law, statistics, and other administration
    $39.33B - Unemployment compensation
    $192.72B - Medicaid grants
    $6.23B - State Children's Health Insurance
    $3.17B - Indian health
    $3.24B - Substance abuse and mental health services
    $10.89B - Other health care services
    $182.76B - Hospital insurance
    $115.14B - Supplementary medical insurance
    $46.7B - Prescription drug benefit
    $1.16B - Health care fraud
    $4.89B - Civilian retirement and disability insurance
    $58.22B - Federal employee retirement and disability
    $8.91B - Fed employees', retired employees' health benefits
    $38.45B - Housing assistance
    $37.58B - Food stamps
    $19.3B - Other nutrition programs (WIC, school lunches)
    $38.66B - Supplemental security income (SSI)
    $18.21B - Family support payments (TANF)
    $34.05B - Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
    $13.15B - Child tax credit
    $4.8B - Child care funds
    $2.58B - Other aid to low-income families
    $2.92B - Child support and family support programs
    $16.14B - Social and family services
    $4.22B - Criminal justice assistance
    $9.8B - IRS & other fiscal opertations
    $1,040,730,000,000 Minimum savings!

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