Monday, November 21, 2005

    Excessive Federal Debt - Yuck!

    While liberals are using every lie they can possibly conjure up to force our (cowardly) withdrawal from Iraq the two most powerful lies they keep beating us with is "Bush lied to the American people" and "all those billions wasted in Iraq". Any lie, if repeated enough, can appear as fact.

    Their second argument hasn't been repeated as much lately. This could possibly be because in just about two months the liberal handout programs pumped into New Orleans after hurricane Katrina have already matched the money used to fund the Iraq reconstruction efforts for the past two years. Yes, that's right - the federal government was able to pump over $18 BILLION bucks into a region long dominated by worthless liberal kickbacks, liberals governing, liberal misdirection of dike improvement funds, and a hoard of people that made the choice to not carry insurance.

    At least in Iraq there is purpose and huge long-term benefits. Again, we - through liberal practices - are our worse burden on the backs of the good people of America.

    As if FEMA has some contractual responsibility for the care of these people some are trying to suck even more money and handouts from our pockets - from the American taxpayers. They want more; they demand more, they are going to court demanding their "right" to more handouts! Ah, the liberal life - expect, demand, government to care for you instead of caring for yourself.

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