Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    You MIGHT Be A Socialist-Liberal IF

    You are against the death penalty and think murderers are wonderful people worthy of a Nobel Prize. For example take the case of Stanley Williams - founder of the deadly gang Crips. Back in 1979 he killed (murdered) four innocent people. He's due to receive his just sentence on December 13 yet liberals see him as some type of role model - a cause to fight for, a hero to defend. There are many celebrities and liberal politicians, and has-beens like Jesse Jackson on board to keep this murderer from execution. Heck, this murderer was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize - no surprise there.

    You cry foul if a conservative wins an election and claim voter fraud, yet you are the first to put up road blocks when the subject of providing proof of legal identity for voting comes up. In reality you believe everyone should be allowed to vote - even illegal aliens.

    You think it's ok for public school teachers to introduce sex to little boys and girls - especially if that topic is brought up by someone other than a parent. For example, you support the recent Ninth Circus Court's ruling that parents have no constitutional right to exclusively teach children about sex and the public school does.

    You believe a sex store has the right to set up a store near a dance studio where young children frequent. For example, the dance studio in Tucson, AZ that has 400 students - many of whom are young girls vs. a sex shop chain.

    You believe the rights of We The People in deciding whether marriage is between a man and a woman should be over-ruled by We The Liberal Court - attempting to overturn majority votes when such issues come on the ballot in any state.

    You never speak or write about the atrocities committed by terrorists. You never show pictures of innocent children blown to bits by the bombs of Islamic radicals. You prefer to censor the facts that drive conservatives - even create lies and smear campaigns to hide the truth.

    You believe the government should be charged with taking care of everyone and people are not able to care for themselves.

    You think unions are the greatest thing on Earth - even though all unionized companies eventually end up in bankruptcy or forced to downsize to control the outrageous demands unions place upon them. You hate Wal-Mart and you either create lies or spread lies against any successful non-union company. You believe extortion by the unions is justified.

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